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Seasons of the Samurai 9n8m9qsm6zjc 9n8m9qsm6zjc 带领一名武士穿越日本八省的一系列谜题。控制季节和一天中的时间,以改变每一关的配置,让武士安全进入下一关。 所有的谜题都需要逻辑推理和良好的记忆能力。当你通过日本的每个县城时,新的机制就会出现,整个旅程的挑战也会因此增加。 季节和一天中不同时间的结合创造了真实的阳光条件。树上的叶子反映了四季,描绘了秋天里枫树的炽热红色,以及春天中樱桃树美丽的紫色和粉红色。 找到一幅日本绘画的所有绘画碎片,赢得所有腰带,并最终获得黑色腰带!
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    Seasons of the Samurai
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Seasons of the Samurai

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发布于 2020/7/31 (AU)
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Lead a samurai through a series of puzzles set in the eight provinces of Japan. Control the season and the time of day in order to change the configuration of each level, allowing the samurai a safe passage to the next level.

All puzzles require logic reasoning and good memory skills. New mechanisms appear as you make your way through each prefecture of Japan, increasing the challenge throughout your journey.

The combinations of seasons and times of day create realistic sunlight conditions. Leaves in the trees reflect all four seasons depicting the glowing reds of the maple trees in autumn and the beautiful purple and pink tints of the cherry trees in the spring.

Discover all the pieces of a Japanese painting and earn all the belts all the way to the black belt!

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