The new Leadjoy M1 Mobile Gaming Controller Review

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reviewIn April 2023, we introduced you to the Leadjoy M1 Gaming Controller for iPhone. Now Leadjoy has released a slightly modified and technically improved version of the M1 under the same name. In the following, we will focus mainly on the innovations and whether our criticisms of the predecessor have been solved.


If you don't know the original review yet, you can still read it here.

The Leadjoy M1 is delivered in a black cardboard box that opens upwards. In addition to the controller and instructions in several languages, an adapter (rubber cushion) for older iPhones is embedded in foam. Unfortunately, a Lightning to USB-C cable is no longer included. The M1 is only intended for iPhones, but here for all with iOS 13 or higher. This means that all devices from the iPhone 6s to the current iPhone 14 (Pro Max) are supported.

My iPhone 14 Pro Max fits easily into the controller. A new feature is a large round, thicker support surface in the middle of the controller. This helps a lot to provide more support for the smartphone. In contrast to the predecessor, the spring mechanism, which we mentioned at the time and was much too light, is now much stronger. It clamps the device more firmly.

The round support surface offers more than just stability. It also conducts heat away from the unit. By means of a fan (unfortunately) available as an optional extra, which is magnetically attached to the back, nothing stands in the way of even the most demanding games. It's a bit of a shame that the new version only really makes sense with the fan and we would have liked it to be included in the standard delivery. Especially because it is a very inexpensive component.



Sticks and Tiggers with Hall Effect

The LeadJoy M1 promises extremely responsive and precise feedback with its analogue sticks and triggers with Hall effect, mechanical buttons with only 0.6 mm actuation distance. The mechanical buttons are only found on the ABXY buttons (still arranged in Xbox style) and no longer on the D-pad.

Since the sticks are designed with Hall Effect, stick drift and premature wear are a thing of the past. Yes, I am a fan of this technology. The convex sticks, which are curved outwards (!), are distributed asymmetrically as usual. It's a pity that they pay attention to the Xbox design here, but still don't offer the sticks concave, i.e. curved inwards. Rubber pads would have sufficed. I have not experienced any problems while playing. The controller works very well.


In Leadjoy's app (VLEAD) you can test the function of the buttons and sticks and unfortunately still not set anything else. However, you can calibrate the sticks and triggers using key combinations. Leadjoy points out, however, that this should only be done if absolutely necessary. As with the predecessor, it is a pity that there is no button mapping or hair trigger stop to adjust via software. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this will be added at some point.

With the predecessor, I still criticised the fact that the camera lens of the iPhone 14 Pro Max rests directly on the bridge of the controller. This has been remedied here, albeit only very thinly. You can now see through between the camera and the controller. This solves my biggest point of criticism. I can't say what the situation is like with the iPhones 12 and 13. In my opinion, however, they should not be a problem either.

It will also be exciting to see whether there will be adapters for the iPhones 15, which are expected in autumn and will probably come with a USB-C socket. Space would be available.



In summary, the Leadjoy M1 controller is a solid controller and technically up-to-date with the Hall effect stick and triggers. It is suitable for many iPhones and pretty much all mobile games and cloud services I have tested. The M1 is offered at an RRP of €99.99.

Leadjoy provided us with the M1 free of charge. Many thanks for this. This has no influence on the test result.



  • Hall-Effect Sticks & Triggers
  • Optimised cooling especially with special accessories
  • Mechanical Buttons
  • Screenshots and Videos via button
  • Support for all controller-compatible services and games


  • Button re-mapping incl. hair triggers
  • MagSafe support for even better hold