GameSir G7 SE Controller with Hall-Effect Sticks and Triggers REVIEW

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The officially licensed Xbox controller GameSir G7 SE has been available since July and is a upgrade over the GameSir G7, which we tested for you in December 2022.

In the following review we would like to share the innovation and our impressions of the Special Edition (or perhaps Second Edition?) with you.


First Impression

The first thing you notice is that the G7 SE is completely white, unlike the G7 before.

After unpacking, a high-quality and visually attractive controller appears. I particularly like the turquoise stick rings, but there's no accounting for taste. As usual, it feels good in the hand and is, in my opinion, also suitable for somewhat smaller hands. I really like the diamond-shaped texture in the grips and the two additional buttons integrated into the grips.

The GameSir G7 SE is a wired controller for Xbox consoles (Series X/S, One) and the PC (Win10/11). It has a three-metre USB-C cable in the scope of delivery, without trip protection. For many, the cable is probably a no-go. One advantage of wired controllers, however, is of course the very low latency and high sampling rates. GameSir plans to increase these from the current 265 Hz to 1000 Hz with an upcoming update.

Sticks, Buttons and Connectivity

All the familiar buttons, including the share button, are on the front. There is also a function button, for example, to quickly switch between up to four profiles. The two additional buttons integrated into the handles are perfectly placed for me, do not protrude and do not interfere with the holding comfort. They are freely configurable in the Xbox app, just like all the other buttons. One new feature is a slide switch on the left and right. This allows the lower buttons to be locked mechanically to prevent accidental activation without changing the preset profile. This is as simple as it is ingenious. Unfortunately, the micro switches of the ABXY buttons have been replaced by "normal" membrane buttons. However, a bracket has been inserted here to compensate somewhat for pressing too hard, for example, and thus extend the service life. Let's wait and see how this will be noticeable in everyday use.

layout1 layout

The D-pad is a 4-way directional pad. And here, too, there are additional functions. Together with the lower "M button", you can control the volume of the headset and the balance between party chat and game. To do this, press the "M button" and the D-pad up or down for the volume or left-right for the balance. However, it is a prerequisite that you have plugged a (cable) headset into the 3.5 mm jack. This saves you having to use another adapter at the bottom of the controller where the jack headset is plugged in. Next to the jack socket is a mute button for the headset. I find the buttons and setting options directly on the controller very useful.

The most important new features on the GameSir G7 SE are the Hall Effect sticks and triggers. Since there are no touches with Hall-Effect sticks, things like drifting sticks are no longer to be expected. In addition to longevity, these sensors also offer significantly increased accuracy. According to information, this is a maximum of 0.1mm. Detailed and professional adjustments are thus possible on sticks and triggers. I am convinced that Hall effect sensors will soon be indispensable for controllers.

shouldersExtra Features

Using the GameSir Nexus app, which is available on both Xbox and PC, you can set up a total of four profiles.

All kinds of configurations are possible in four categories, namely Mappings, Sticks, Triggers and Vibration. Button remapping, dead zones for the sticks, hair triggers with separate intensity for left and right, and multi-level settings for the four vibration motors are all possible. Almost everything a gamer's heart desires is available. So you can already professionalise yourself well in competitive multiplayer games. 

A feature that was previously unknown to me is that you can switch the stick dead zone to the so-called raw mode. This switches from a "circle" to a more square, rounded dead zone. This way, the outer radial dead zone is deactivated and you can play with higher precision.

Switching the profiles, quickly mapping the additional keys in the grips or activating/deactivating the hair trigger can also be done outside the app with the "M key" and the respective key combinations.

App1 app2

App3 App4

For all hobby and professional artists, it should be mentioned that the faceplate is explicitly advertised as "easy to design". Painting, airbrushing or hydro dipping is no problem here. The plate is held in place by magnets and can be changed within seconds. The faceplates from the old GameSir G7 are compatible.

In Operation

I have already been using the controller for a few days and was therefore able to test it extensively. What can I say, everything works perfectly. Thanks to the many setting options, I was able to create my profile on the controller for each genre. For example, shooters and hair triggers, changed dead zones of the sticks for racers or jump & runs are not a big and, above all, awkward challenge for the GameSir G7 SE.


The GameSir G7 SE incorporates modern technology and promotes durability paired with accuracy. This makes annoying stick drifts a thing of the past. I'm thrilled about that and the G7 SE will become a permanent part of the controllers I use. Yes, that cable is a bit annoying. A choice between cable and wireless would be the cherry on top.

For an RRP of €59.99, you get a modern controller with all kinds of additional features that are otherwise only available at a much higher price. It might be an exciting thing, especially for the start of your professional career.

GameSir kindly provided us with the controller free of charge. Many thanks for that! Of course, this has no effect on the rating.


Whats good:

  • Hall Effect Sticks and Triggers for very precise control and anti-stick drift.
  • Extra buttons integrated in the handles with mechanical lock.
  • Many configuration possibilities of the sticks incl. outer dead zone, remapping of the buttons in the app.
  • Quick mapping of the extra buttons and activating of the hair triggers possible outside the app
  • Volume, game chat balance adjustable on controller
  • Exchangeable and design-friendly faceplate
  • Pleasant grip thanks to textures on the sticks, triggers and grips
  • Price/Performance
  • 1 month Xbox GamePass Ultimate for new customers

What you should know:

  • Wired
  • Select and Menu Buttons are slightly moved up

Technical Specification

Platform: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11
Connection: wired, 3m detachable USB-C cable
3.5mm jack socket
Microphone Mute Button
Membrane buttons: ABXY
Analogue triggers: Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
Analogue Joysticks: Hall Effect
Rumble motors: 4 in total, in each handle and trigger
Additional buttons: 2, configurable, mechanically lockable
Software: GameSir Nexus for Xbox and Win10/11
Product size: 152*103*63 mm
Net weight: 221g
Package size: 152*103*63mm

Official Website with 10% discount: