GameSir T4 Kaleid LED Gaming Controller Review

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The next controller from GameSir, the T4 Kaleid, recently released in Europe and North America had it's release in Asia already a few weeks ago. However, you can even buy the controller on Amazon now. We were able to test the controller extensively on the Nintendo Switch, PC and Android devices in the past few weeks. You can read whether it convinced us in the following review.

Many thanks for the review unit, which GameSir kindly provided us with!

One important detail right up front, the GameSir T4 Kaleid does NOT work on Xbox consoles.


Optics is (almost) everything

When you unbox the GameSir T4 Kaleid, you immediately notice the transparent case, the familiar asymmetrical stick arrangement from the Xbox, and the subtly colored ABXY buttons. I like the transparent case very much, because we all want a controller that looks good while gaming. However, there seems to be some kind of visually spruced up panel or even a foil underneath the upper casing that provides this distinctive design. Similar to some smartphones and other transparent devices in the past, you don't see the real PCB, but a decorative element, which improves the look and should still give the impression that it is the real PCB.

The additional RGB lighting is then supposed to illuminate the controller and the decor in an atmospheric way, of course. Some rumor that RGB on peripherals significantly increases the skill level when playing :). I actually get distracted by the RGB feature of the controller from time to time. Nevertheless, it also has typical GameSir Pro features.


Personally, I think that Hall-effect sticks will revolutionize controllers. In the sense that there is virtually no more stick drift. I received a few questions about Hall Effect triggers during my review of the GameSir G7, so I'd like to digress briefly here and talk about the advantages.

Hall effect joysticks are similar to traditional potentiometric joysticks in that both provide a proportional electrical output signal that corresponds to the position of the stick. The difference is that the operating principle of Hall-effect joysticks is based on non-contact Hall-effect technology, in which a magnet under the moving joystick lever affects the electromagnetic field generated by a Hall-effect sensor under the magnet. The non-contact Hall effect technology implies that there is no contact between the sensor and the moving magnet. Therefore, the sensor element is not worn out by repeated movements and strong vibrations, resulting in a significantly longer life expectancy.

layout1 layout


No matter on which device I played, whether on the PC (here with Steam), the Nintendo Switch or the Android tablet, the sticks always felt perfectly precise. The controller experience is complemented by buttons with a very short pressure point of 0.6 mm. Each press is confirmed with a micro switch typical "click".

The triggers can be switched from analog to hair trigger and back via the proprietary GameSir software or button shortcuts on the controller. By the way, the triggers are also Hall effect sensors. In addition, you can adjust the button layout (ABXY) to your personal needs via software and assign the additional back buttons located on the back. This is also possible by simultaneously pressing the corresponding buttons with a function key located above the headphone jack (3.5mm jack). Thus, the functions that are needed more often can also be set directly on the controller. This is very good for people who don't have so many demands or who don't need custom layouts, but would like to map a key differently here and there.

candyIn my opinion, it is clearest in the Windows app, which can currently be downloaded for PC directly from the GameSir site or from the Microsoft Store. In the software, you can also adjust the behavior of sticks and triggers, but also create or change Turbo (Rapid Fire), Marko functions and vibration intensity. For my best gaming experience, it was necessary to make changes to the dead zone of the sticks, as the Hall Effect triggers respond so insanely precisely and quickly that it was almost too precise.

We all love a bit of eye candy

The menu item I probably spent the longest time in was the configuration of the RGB LEDs. Four individual sets can be saved, each allowing detailed settings. From front-defined styles like Flow, Rainbow, Pulse or Alarm, the colors in the RGB code can be freely set at four points on the controller - namely at the upper and lower ends of the LED strings on the left and right, respectively - depending on your taste. You can even set keyframes and adjust the speed and brightness.

Even the guide button with the GameSir logo can be assigned a color independently of the strips. In the unlikely event that this is too much for you, you can of course turn off the RGB LEDs. But don't we all love a bit of eye candy? I'm sure that will be one of the reasons for some of you to buy it. Changing the RGB programs and the brightness can also be done directly on the controller with the function key and the corresponding direction keys on the D-pad. You can lose some time playing around.

software1 software2

Gyroscope on Board

A six-axis gyroscope is also on board, which is especially important for the Nintendo Switch. A few settings are also possible in the app, for example four presets for the response behavior. From "aggressive" to "balanced" to your own settings, a lot can be configured here.


Whether shooter, racing, platformer or casual games, the GameSir T4 Kaleid offers everything at any time and always puts your gameplay "in the right light". The reverb effect sticks and the diverse setting options form the perfect basis for this. It feels good in the hand, but might even feel a bit too light for adult gamers. The workmanship makes a good impression and the light texture on the underside of the grips makes the "T4K" an optimal companion. Unfortunately, it is corded and not suitable for Xbox consoles. Nevertheless, the controller is my first choice for the Nintendo Switch and PC from now on!

You can buy the controller now either at Amazon (DE/EU) for 58,00€* or at (USA) for $41,99*. However, you have to add about $10 for import fees and shipping, if you are located in Europe. Alternatively, you can also import it directly from China via AliExpress.

Unboxing Video

Tech Specs

Plattforms: Windows 10/11, Nintendo Switch, Devices with Android 8.0 or higher
Connection: Wired, 2m long, detachable USB-C to USB-C cable
3,5-mm Audiojack
Recording button only in Switch mode
Microswitch Buttons with 0,6mm, lasting up to 5 Million clicks
Analog triggers with Hall-Effect-Magnetsensors
Vibration Motors
Size: 156 * 107 * 60 mm
Weight: 212 g

1x GameSir-T4 Kaleid Controller
1x 2m USB-C Cable
1x Manual
1x Support and Warranty Card