GameSir G7 Wired Controller (Test)

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As a gamer, there are many things that are important, but hardly any device is as important as the controller. It is therefore not surprising that several manufacturers vie for our favor besides the original Xbox controller. Another competitor is now trying its luck. With the GameSir G7 Wired Controller, the company of the same name is competing against the established manufacturers. I'll show you what they do better and what they don't do so well in my review.


Sooner or later, every gamer has to decide which material or controller to use for battles, car races or adventures. It is important to have a reliable controller in your hands that also has a few extra features. I think the GameSir G7 could be a suitable companion. But let's start at the beginning.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the packaging is that it is a Microsoft or officially Xbox-licensed controller. So it is not surprising that the GameSir G7 looks like an original Xbox Series X|S controller. For us Xbox gamers, the first impression is the same visually, as well as physically, i.e. dimensions and weight.

But that was already it with the known. Because held in my hands, I immediately felt the differences. It has rubberized, diamond-textured grips that help not to lose grip in sweaty rounds. But also the additional buttons, one each on the left and right integrated into the grips, are clearly noticeable and my fingers land unerringly on them. This has become an indispensable feature of controllers for me. It's a bit of a shame that there are only two buttons and not four, like on Microsoft's Elite Controller. I'm an instant fan of the buttons. Nothing against the paddles, but buttons integrated into the grips are so much better for me. They are bigger and more ergonomic than paddles.

Buttons and Connectivity

Of course, the G7 has all buttons in the Xbox design. That means black buttons with the ABXY in the familiar colors printed on them. Select, menu and the share button are also available. You can hear and feel the differences here as well. The ABXY buttons are much softer and quieter than the original. To my surprise, however, I hear a small click, which sounds like a micro switch. That means very precise pressure point. That's exactly how it should be.

The D-pad is a 4-way control pad. And there are additional functions here as well. Together with the "M-button", a function button between the D-pad and the right stick, you can control the headset's volume as well as the balance between party chat and game. This is done by pressing the "M-key" and the D-pad up or down for the volume or left-right for the balance. However, you have to have a (wired) headset plugged into the 3.5 mm jack. Next to the jack socket is a mute button for the headset. I find the buttons and settings directly on the controller very practical. However, only if you still use a wired headset. That is probably no longer the case so often.

The sticks have a good grip and are rather concave with a textured edge. The resistance is well balanced and feels good to me.

The reverb effect - well who paid attention in physics? - is applied to the trigger keys. This means that there is no physical contact anymore, but works electromagnetically. As a result, it's super smooth with a noticeable but eradicable drawback, which I'll get to later, in shooters for example.

The GameSir G7 is a wired controller for Xbox consoles and the PC. It comes with a three-meter USB-C cable, unfortunately without a trip protection. For many, the cable is probably a no-go, making it out of the question. But keep in mind that wired here means that a very low latency of 4 ms is possible at a high 265 Hz sampling rate. That means the triggers, sticks, and each button are sending signals 265 times per second. 

Admittedly, I don't have the technical capability or any real evidence to verify this or what to measure it with. It is merely a feeling that there is something to it.


Extra Features

Let's move on to the extra features. Yes, I am overwhelmed by everything that is possible with the GameSir G7.

Using an app (GameSir Nexus), which is available on both Xbox and PC, you can set up a total of four profiles.

All sorts of configurations are possible in four categories, namely Mappings, Sticks, Triggers and Vibration. Button remapping, dead zones of the sticks, hair triggers with intensity for left and right separately as well as multi-level settings of the four vibration motors are possible. Almost everything a gamer's heart desires is available.

Switching profiles, quickly mapping the additional keys in the grips or activating/deactivating the hair trigger is also possible outside of the app with the "M" key and the respective key combinations.



All design fans (including me) are thrilled that a white faceplate is also included in the controller's standard package. The faceplate is held by a magnet and can be changed within seconds. GameSir explicitly advertises that the white faceplate is intended for designers, painters, airbrushers and other hobby artists. From simple pens to complex airbrushes, you'll have a matching faceplate right at hand to let off steam. Until January 8, 2023, a competition for the best design is running on the GameSir website. And this will even be rewarded with prizes such as an Xbox console - if you win.

Using it

Of course, I tested the controller for a few hours. In the standard configuration, it is a worthy companion for everything from adventurers, jump & run, shmups and platformer lovers, especially due to the precise buttons. For all the shooter fans who especially want to activate the Hair Trigger functions, it should be said that my learning curve was very steep here. Due to the Hall Effect triggers, which were over-sensitive for me, you sometimes already aimed or shot without touching them. I even often had to literally "pull out" the trigger buttons to make it stop shooting. This also led to me being quite surprised in the Xbox menu at first, why the navigation in the app or through the dashboard no longer worked. Yet it was "only" the oversensitive triggering.

Problem recognized, problem solved. Fortunately, you can set this in the GameSir Nexus app. My recommendation: Make sure to lower the hair trigger sensitivity a few notches. For me, it was three levels less until it worked as I imagined.


The GameSir G7 controller is well designed with incomparable additional features. Yes, wired seems a bit out of date. But low latency and high sampling rates are not to be scoffed at and, as far as I know, only possible via cable. I was thrilled by the idea of the exchangeable front panels, which are explicitly described as paint-friendly and the design options that come with it. That is a novelty!
Until now, you had to pay dearly for something like this.

For an MSRP of €59.99, you won't get a better weapon for all our favorite games on Xbox and PC.

Kindly GameSir has provided us with the Game Controller for free. Many thanks for that!


  • Extra buttons integrated in the handles
  • Precise sticks and buttons
  • Many configuration possibilities of the sticks, remapping of the buttons in the app
  • Trigger with Hall Effect, Hair Trigger
  • Fast mapping of the extra buttons and activating of the hair triggers outside the app possible
  • Volume, game chat balance adjustable on controller
  • Exchangeable faceplates with design-friendly additional faceplate
  • Pleasant grip due to textures on the sticks, triggers and grips
  • Price/Performance
  • 1 month Xbox GamePass Ultimate for new customers

You need to know about:

  • Wired
  • App does not seem mature, is not fully displayed on Xbox.
  • Hair trigger settings oversensitive
  • Guide button does not light up
  • Select and menu button are moved up a bit

Technical Specification

Platform: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11
Connection: wired, 3m detachable USB-C cable
3.5mm audiojack socket
Microphone Mute Button
Microswitch buttons: ABXY
Analog Triggers: Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
Analog Joysticks: ALPS
Rumble motors: 4 in total, in each handle and trigger
Additional button: 2, configurable
Software: GameSir Nexus
Product Size: 152*103*63 mm
Net weight: 256g
Verpackungsgröße: 160*118*113mm