Razer Kaira Pro Wireless Headset Review

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reviewRazer Kaira Pro - Wireless Headset for all Xbox generations


Wireless headsets for the Xbox are not available in very large numbers. So I was very interested in the release of the Razer Kaira Pro. A wireless headset for all Xbox generations since Xbox One from Razer, the gaming accessories specialist. Razer provided us with a copy that I could test extensively for two weeks.

Packaging and first optical impression

This Razer product also comes in an appealing packaging. Yes, I simply like the black-green packaging and the three-headed snake logo. Full of expectation, I opened the packaging, which then contains a high-quality piece of hardware already at first glance. This impression remains and is even more positive when I put my hands on, even in the form-fitting cardboard box. I immediately noticed that it is so "round" and edgeless. Now I have to put the headset on right away. The flowknit earpads with memory foam go over-ear, of course, and feel extremely comfortable. I like these flowknit or mesh structures with memory foam much better than (synthetic) leather or similar. While I rather like the open and not dense, so I hear my surroundings better and myself less from "inside". So there are just as many who like it the other way around. I would rank the Kaira Pro somewhere in the middle, so good sealed, but just not completely. The headband is also equipped with foam, so that the 330g light headset does not put pressure on the head. The green foam tries to adapt to all head shapes through the memory function to distribute the weight optimally. With my, how do I say it, rather larger head it succeeds very well.

kairapro kairapro kairapro

Connecting and first sound check

Now it's time to connect the headphones to my Xbox Series X. Although on the bracket is a paper notice that you should check the firmware of the headset and update if necessary, all I want is to try it out immediately. Power button on the left side pressed and turned on. As known from Xbox controllers, you also connect the headset by pressing the connect button on the Xbox and on the headset afterwards. On the right side on the headset is the button that looks just like it does on a controller. Yes, that's exactly how it should be! Just seconds later, the Xbox welcomes the headset. It doesn't need a dongle, transmitter/receiver or anything like that. The microphone plugs into the jack socket on the headset. So it's detachable and comes with a wind shield. Of course, it's bendable and positionable to one's personal preferences.

kairapro kairapro

Without any changes in options, I started a few games. From Forza to Call of Duty to Tetris Effect, I tried out how these sound with the Razer Kaira Pro. What can I say, I'm thrilled right away. The sound is expressive, powerful, clear, unambiguous, and knows how to please. This is certainly due to the 50mm drivers. While the 40mm drivers have proven to be the standard, Razer installs their so-called TRIFORCE TITANIUM 50mm drivers here, for an individual reproduction of high, medium and low frequencies. This allows for even clearer highs and rich basses. Compared to regular 40mm drivers, these are 56% larger diaphragms, which provide more volume.

Of course, the microphone is also important for gaming. Almost everyone had this any time - people in the party chat are often very quiet, noisy or simply have a poor quality. The polar pattern of the detachable 9.9 mm supercardioid microphone allows even less noise from the sides than a cardioid microphone and picks up the voice even more lifelike thanks to a low frequency response and an open housing. My fellow gamers confirmed this several times and kept asking which headset it was.

The headset can do even more

While the headset works flawlessly with the Xbox, you can connect it to a mobile device or BT compatible devices in parallel via Bluetooth 5.0. I had underestimated this feature until now. Not only that you can also ideally use cloud gaming on the mobile with the Razer Kaira Pro, optimized for GamePass. You can also take phone calls while playing on the Xbox, for example, or swipe between matches through TikTok, for example, without having to switch or not noticing anything. I wouldn't buy another headset that doesn't have this feature. It's so convenient and practical. How could I even live without it, I wonder? For on the go, the headset is great not only because of cloud gaming, but also because it has a second microphone built in that works without the clipped one. Great! The second mic only works with Bluetooth.

Besides the excellent sound, my highlight is the RGB-lit Razer logos on the left and right of the headset. That's the way it has to be, and that's what we love Razer for. The Chroma illumination can be turned off, which also increases the runtime of the headset from 15 to up to 20 hours.

kairapro kairapro kairapro

You can adjust the Razer Kaira Pro in more detail in the Xbox app. There are customization options for personal EQ, microphone monitors, Chroma lighting and so on. There are four presets available for the EQ. You can also cycle through the EQ settings without the app by double pressing the connect button.

kairapro kairapro kairapro

Technical data

Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0
Detachable Razer™ HyperClear super-cardioid microphone.
Dedicated mobile microphone
Razer™ TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers
FlowKnit ear cushions with memory foam
Windows Sonic
Controls on the ear cup
Battery life up to 15 hours (with Chroma lighting) / 20 hours (without Chroma lighting)
Approx. 330 g
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance 32 Ω at 1 kHz
Sensitivity 108 dB
Driver size (diameter) 50 mm


At MSRP €169, the Razer Kaira Pro is the best wireless headset I've ever used and I've had a few. In addition to the sound, microphone and wearing comfort are important in a headset. The Razer is completely convincing in all disciplines.

There are only two things I had to get used to. The buttons and wheels, which are a bit too small for my fingers, were quicker ones while the plug-in microphone took me a bit longer to get used to. I would have liked it to be retractable, for example. It sometimes happened that I had to search for the microphone because I unplugged it in single-player games.