Razer Wolverine V2 – Xbox Wired Gaming Controller Review

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previewwolverine v2

As the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers, Razer, with its three-headed snake logo, is one of the most well-known trademarks within the gaming and esports scene. Several new products have been released in the past few weeks. And so on November 19, 2020, the Razer Wolverine V2, a new controller for Xbox and PC, was presented. It's the next generation of the popular Razer Wolverine.

I was able to test the controller for 4 days because Razer provided us with a free copy in advance. Thanks a lot for this.

In the following I describe the first impressions and gaming experiences. More experiences will follow in the next week or two.


The packaging of the Wolverine V2 comes in a high-quality packaging typical of Razer. The colors of Razer in black and green are also very suitable for the Xbox, so that you feel at home as an Xbox gamer. Personally, I love the fabric loop on Razer's packaging. In addition to the image of the controller and the Razer logo, the “DESIGNED FOR XBOX” logo, the familiar green circle, is printed in the lower right corner. Yes, let's go, I want to open the box ...

Embedded in PU foam, the controller literally shines towards you and wants to be used. Design elements on the left and right, which separate the control panel from the handles, I like to say horns, by a green arch, make an extraordinary contribution. I like this design very much.

wv2 wv2

Processing and first impression in the hands

Finally, out of the packaging and in hand you can feel a valuable controller weighing 274 grams. The handles are roughened so they have a grip. The somewhat more pronounced "belly" of the handles compared to the standard Xbox controllers was noticeable and immediately felt. It is of course also noticeable that it is a wired controller. The cable is 3 m long and has a trip safety device at the end of the USB connector. A bit of nostalgic feelings arose when I pressed the ABXY buttons and the D-pad. A well-known clicking sound, yes, here I knew that with the built-in so-called microswitches, which Razer calls Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons, absolutely precise and responsive input is possible.

wv2 wv2 wv2

Let us play

The first mission is approaching. Now it has to be played at last. So, I plugged the Razer Wolverine V2 USB plug into my Xbox Series X and started the Call of Duty campaign. For the triggers LT and RT, the Wolverine Hair Trigger Mode offers a stop switch, i.e. the path of the trigger is shorter, for e.g. Shooter or longer, e.g. for racing games. Of course, I put the switches on short. As expected, the action buttons are absolutely precise. The clear pressure point is really awesome. But also the sticks, arranged asymmetrically, offer good grip and allow the character to be controlled reliably and precisely. Personally, I like the indentation in the sticks and the elements that are reminiscent of a target cross to increase the slip resistance of the thumbs.

The Razer Wolverine offers even more. On the front, between the triggers and shoulder buttons, there are two additional buttons, slightly offset to the center. These can be freely assigned. This requires the Razer Controller app on the Xbox, which can be downloaded from the store. Here you can put almost any button on it and create your own type of game. Several profiles can be created and saved in the app.

A previously unknown feature with these extra buttons is the possibility to use them as sensitivity controls for the sticks. It works in such a way that e.g. if you hold down the button, the stick reacts less, in terms of the distance covered, and you can control it more precisely. PC gamers know this feature from the so-called sniper button on gaming mice. This can be set separately on the Wolverine V2 for each stick and in 10 stages. Certainly a useful feature for story-based games.

I consequently find that the screenshot / record button is there.


More Specifications

Compatible with: Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC (Windows 10)
Length: 161.5mm
Width: 105.8mm
Height: 65mm
Weight: 274g
Cable length: 3m with trip protection
Analog audio port: 3.5mm

Conclusion so far...

I really liked the Razer Wolverine V2 controller. It lies really well in the hand and the initial "bulky" feeling of the handles turns out to be extremely pleasant after prolonged play. I found the position of my hands and fingers to be very comfortable. Ergonomics is great for my hands. The precision of the sticks and especially the action buttons is the highlight of the controller. I think it's a shame that the controller is wired. I would also have liked mapable buttons on the bottom and not just on the front. When I wrote this lines, I didn't know the price of the Razer Wolverine V2. And one more personal remark, when will an RGB version of the controller be available? I would celebrate if the green design element could shine too.

What is good

  • Attractive design with a green design element
  • Designed for Xbox, works on the PC
  • Razer Mecha Tactile Action Buttons and D-Pad
  • 2 hair trigger modes
  • Sensitivity regulation of the sticks on demand
  • ergonomics
  • Separate screenshot / recording button
  • Trip protection

What could do better

  • It could be a native wireless controller
  • More than two additional buttons on the front
  • Not so bright LED to indicate operational readiness

This text has been translated from german to english by DeepL.com in most cases. Thanks!