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ibVPN celebrates it's 8th anniversary. Thus you can get cheap VPN subscriptions for both Standard and Ultimate plan with up to 78% off. Standard offers 140+ servers in over 44 countries for just 1.54$ per month or 18,48$ per year. Probably your best choice for buying Xbox games. If you prefer the most complete Ultimate-Edition, you can also get this one for 58.06$ for two years! (29.03$ per year). The Ultimate-Edition offers over 180 servers in about 57 countries with other different additions. You can find a complete list of all countries/servers at the ibVPN website. Basic differences between both versions are: 5 sim. connections (Standard: 1), (Socks 5) Proxys in each country, Double VPN, TOR via VPN, Direct addons for all well-known browsers, Torrent Downloads allowed. 

ibVPN Offer (Standard and Ultimate)

Both versions are well suitable for buying cheap Xbox games from other countries. I am using the Ultimate plan myself, too.

Two new games joined the list of Xbox One X Enhanced games today and are available from now at the Xbox Store. Monster Hunter: World and Dragonball FighterZ are available in various versions. Probably your best bet is the turkey store which seems to be the cheapest for now. Monster Hunter: World is selling from 48$ and Dragonball FighterZ begins at 56$ (both already including tax)!

It could be cheapter to go for the special editions compared to your local price and the savings.You should check that for your self depending on your region you live in.

In case you'd use the turkey store, you can get cheap gift cards at 1:1 face value from our partners over at MTCGame. Using this gift cards you will be able to complete the purchase within some minutes without hassle and totally free of stress. Your best choice for the upcoming weekend ;)

Cheap gift cards for the turkey store are available here: MTCGame

♦ All upcoming Microsoft Exclusives are permanently part of GAME PASS from release day!

Two days ago Microsoft announced that all upcoming self-published games will be part of GAME PASS and never been deleted afterwards. All games are available from release without any additional cost. That makes GAME PASS quite more interesting than before. 

In fact that means, that i.e. Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 8 (~2019) and many more will be free with your existing subscription of GAME PASS. And because GAME PASS can be purchased month by month you can probably save a lot of money using this method. At least for games you probably just play until completion.

Cheap GAME PASS subscriptions (from 1 month) are also available from other regions. You can get them even with gift cards or by as a gift. Just check our comparison page for international prices: GAME PASS intl. comparison

The annual big Xbox Countdown Sale 2017 has just started with lots of new high discounted games and dlcs. Almost every new blockbuster is part of it. 

Here's the complete list of deals:

Save up to 75% with gold on select games and dlcs. Everyone should find anything to play over the holidays. This is like our christmas present from Microsoft. Thanks Microsoft :)

Some of the included games are Forza Motorsport 7, COD: WWII, SW: Battlefront 2, Cuphead, Destiny 2, AC: Origins, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, FIFA 18, Wolfenstein 2, South Park and more...

If you spot any nice deals from Russia, get very cheap gift cards (15% below face value) from Nilt! This makes your games even cheaper!
► (very cheap gift cards) (legit!)

In case you like to buy from Turkey, you can find turkish cards on MTCGame at face value!
► MTCGame (especially turkish gift cards)

Need exotic cards from all over the world? Seagm is your partner!
► SEAGM Gift Cards (for almost every country)

Still prefer to buy via VPN? ibVPN has a nice Christmas Offer for you! Three (3) years of professional VPN for just 39.95$! With 140+ servers in 53 countries it is one of the best, biggest and most compatible services for using with Xbox!
► ibVPN Christmas Offer - 3 Years for just 39.95$

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, some nice days with your family and some free time to let your Xbox glow...     

Xbox-Now has successfully been moved to a new server with more power and more stability. Hope you guys can enjoy it. HTTPs will be activated very soon.

Also there is a nice christmas offer from the famous VPN service ibVPN. You can get three years of unlimited VPN bandwidth with 140+ servers in 53 countries for just 39.95$!


► ibVPN 3 Years for just 39.95$ (140+ Servers, 53 Countries, Unlimited Bandwidth)



Because of the increased crash rate, failures etc., Xbox-Now will move to a new server during next week. There will be much more power and hopefully less crashes.
Also HTTPS will be activated soon, that I am able to activate the user registration feature in the near future.

Have a nice weekend!


由于最近上升的崩溃、故障频率,Xbox-Now将在下周移至新的服务器。新服务器将会更稳定,希望能减少网站无法访问的机会。 另外,近期将启用HTTPS,同时带来的还有用户注册功能。敬请期待! 周末愉快!

서버가 자주 다운되는 현상을 보이고 있어, Xbox-Now가 다음 주에 새로운 서버로 이전합니다. 보다 강력한 서버로 다운도 줄어들 것으로 예상합니다. 또한, 곧 HTTPS를 지원하고 사용자 등록 기능도 활성화 할 예정입니다.

좋은 주말 되세요!

PUBG is available in Game Preview since tuesday and international prices are a bit unsatisfied compared to the (possible) necessary effort! But you can get PUBG for just 26.60 USD from cdkeys if you use a 5% voucher code from Facebook. cdkeys is absolutely legit and most users from here purchased from cdkeys before for extending the gold membership.

ATTENTION: The 5% voucher code only works when using a real computer. It is not possible to generate or redeem the code on your mobile device! You also have to create an account on cdkeys first and you must be logged in. In any other case the voucher code will be shown as invalid/not usable.

► PUBG at cdkeys for just 22,80€

► 5% Voucher (via Facebook)

► 12 Months Xbox Live Gold for 45$ USD (with voucher)

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) for Xbox One starts to appear at the different Microsoft Stores around the world! If you prefer a fast start-off, you can get it for around 30$.

If you have some hours left, you can wait for all stores to activate the purchase-option. It is possible to get the game even cheaper. So it's up to you if you want a quick launch or if you like to save some money...

Choose wisely  The download is only 6GB...

► PUBG Price Comparison (Xbox One)

The Xbox Black Friday Sale will last until 27th November. If you are still looking at something, better hurry up! It is probably your last chance of the year to get this nice prices!

Especially Turkey is one of the favorite countries for this year's BF sale. Very much games with cheap prices. 
Did you know, you can get turkish gift cards from MTCGame almost at face value?

► MTCGame Gift Cards (seeling also many other country cards for good prices)

Did you guys already made some good deals from the Black Friday Sale? In case you are still looking for a good supply of mexican gift cards to make even better deals, you can now get them from Seagm almost at face value, which is very nice. 

► Xbox Gift Cards for Mexico

Also there is promotion running where you can get Xbox Live Gold for 12 Months for just 43 USD. A very good price which you can hardly find on the internet currently. I have no idea how long the promotion will last. You should hurry if you need to expand your subscription!

► Xbox Live Gold - 12 Months for just 43 USD!

The Black Friday Sale is finally live! For the next two weeks you can save up to 75% on select games including almost every new game! The first week is exclusively for the Gold members. Non-Gold members can join in from thursday!

As you already know, you can find some of the best shops selling digital gift cards for various countries at the menu on the left. If you spot any nice deals from russia, I suggest buying gift cards from Nilt, because the prices are so low, you can even safe additional 15%. So keep an eye open for good gift card deals, too!

Deals from the Black Friday Sale

Special offers will be added within the next days to this posting.

Because the sale has just started, deals are coming in right now which can take a while. Make sure to refresh the page from time to time!

Have fun while searching for good deals everyone!

By the way: Follow Xbox-Now on Twitter for automated posts about new games or new deals. Or like us on Facebook (DE) / Facebook (International), where you can find select offers and special deals (incl. gift card deals). It's worth it!

In case you are missing Forza Motorsport 7: This one will follow next friday :) !

You can now get some of the most recent games with very good deals as digital keys for Xbox One. The following prices are only possible by using a 5% Facebook voucher code available here! You are not able to redeem the voucher on your mobile device. You'll have to use a computer! Also it is necessary to register an account and be logged in to redeem the voucher code. It won't be accepted/recognozed else!

► Assassin's Creed Origins - 50.37 USD (incl. tax)

► Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - 45.30 USD (incl. tax)

The Sims 4 (Xbox One Edition) - 44.08 USD (incl. tax)

► Madden NFL 18 - 40.33 USD (incl. tax)

You guys can now pre-order your copy of PUBG for Xbox One (digital Key) at CDKeys for just 27.36 US$. It is not yet available for pre-order at the official Microsoft Stores but as the release is on 12/12/2017 it can't be long until it will be. Therefor we don't have any comparison prices. 

Pre-order PUBG at CDKeys (cdkeys)

Important: To get this price, you will have to use a 5% Facebook voucher code. This code is only accepted when you order at a desktop computer. No mobile device! Also you have to be registered and logged in to your account. Otherwise the code will not get accepted. The voucher can be generated here.

I guess the official pre-order will be possible within the next few days because the release is at 12/12/2017.

The 5% Facebook voucher code can be used for other products, too. Even for the 12M Gold codes!

I've added another new shop which is selling different cards, especiall for Turkey! You can find it here!
Also I have removed the NHL 18 Deal below. The price in Israel has been adjusted and the deal is now finally over. Sadly :(

SEAGM now also offers Singapore gift cards below face value! (you have to be logged in at seagm to see the discount) and has restocked cards for Hong Kong (close to face value)!

Our Partner SEAGM now offers gift cards for Mexico and Turkey! Mexican gift cards are a bit more expensive than the actual face value because of the recent exchange rate drop but if you really need mexican cards, this can be your help! For turkey you will get the actual face value which is very nice because almost every new game is usually cheaper in turkey. 


Besides that you can now check the recent price changes on the left which shows you any price drop or price increase for deals, offers and even regular adjustments. I have to test some things and there will be changes of course, but you should be able to see what actually has a very good price. Also new is a country picker at the gift card shop overview, which lets your filter the list. Some more new and cool features will be available soon. I will tell you more later.


Just dropped a new update for the page. You can now find a new page called "Recent Price Changes" at the menu bar on the left. This is currently in Beta. I have to test some things and of course there will be some changes in the following days, too. Updates on this page are not so frequent at the moment. Will be changed. But it's always good to have an eye on that!

Also you can now - finally - search for your remaining balance for any country or exclude countries from your search. This filter will be expanded in the following days, too. I just did not have the time to do everything at once in one big update. This filter will also be used for DLCs in the future.

I have many other things coming, but as always, these are coming in small parts as my spare time to work on the page is limited.

Hope you guys enjoy it. If you experience any bugs, please report them to me using the contact form on the left. Thanks!

Btw: I am still looking for people who can help me translate the page to every language. If you would like to help, please contact me. The new features are currently only available in english and will be translated to the other languages (which this site supports atm) within the next days!

Hi there!

It seems there are some (small) bugs since the last update all across the page. Some (very few) games/addons show wrong prices (too high or too low) and some pages will result in a 404 error. This happens due to a wrong page-mapping and I will fix this as soon as possible within the next hours. Anything else works as expected hopefully. However, if you experience any other bugs feel free to contact me!