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Not only MTCGame but also various merchants on G2A offer turkish gift cards almost at face value. 100 TRY are available for ~20$ and and I bet you can make great deals using these cards.

Turkish Gift Cards at G2A

Turkish Gift Cards at MTCGame

Attention: You might experience errors during the purchase. Some people are affected, some don't. It can help to wait for 72hrs until trying again.

UPDATE 2: Rob told in the comments that he got it working by just waiting for 72hrs after the last "error" during purchase. So it seems this bug (if it is one?!) affects now Turkey and Argentina. You will have to wait ~72hrs after redeeming the gift cards and after your last attempt to buy anything with it. Probably you need to be "logged into" Argentina/Turkey for 72hrs before any purchase can be completed. Strange but now as we know it, it should help many people who have problems.

Attention: Seagm also lowered the prices for ARS gift cards! 500 ARS are now sold at 21.50$ and 300 ARS are soled for 14$. Still not at face value but lower is always better.

UPDATE: It seems that some people experience problems when trying to use the balance. Redeeming usually works without problems but using the balance leads into payment errors. This could be the same problem like in Turkey. So maybe it can help to just wait for some days and try again. Good luck!

Seagm now offers Argentina Gift Cards on their website. Even if the price is doubled the face value, which is basically a due to high wholesale prices, you can still make some bargains. Need an example?

Metro Exodus is set for release during february and is priced around 85 USD. In Argentina you can get this version for around 20 USD. Even if the price at seagm is doubled, you still would be below the next cheapest countries like India or Turkey, where it's priced around 50 USD.

You just need to find the real bargains from Argentina to transform these expensive cards into good deals.

Warning: Even Darksiders 3 was cheap when it was still a pre-order. But right after the release, the game was removed, new added and is now priced a lot more expensive. So maybe the cheap prices like for Metro are just in pre-order phase. The same happened to Battlefield 5.

Metro Exodus Gold Edition - Price Comparison

Argentina Gift Cards at seagm

Btw: They've got 50 cards at 500 ARS and will get another 50 of 300 ARS tomorrow. Because it's very easy to spend your rest value, you should not wait too long. It's maybe better getting 2x 500 ARS, even if you just need 800. Thats my guess. 50 cards are not much, can be outselled very fast and it's very uncertain if/when new cards will be available.

As in the last years Microsoft brings us a beautiful and fully packed Xbox sale for Christmas this year. This year we have again the biggest sale ever (as ever :D). Not because they made more offers, but because there are always releasing more games... 

This year, however, there are also many very current games on the discount list

Here you can find the complete list of all deals: Countdown Sale 2018 - Complete Deal Overview

If you just want to get a quick overview of the over 700 offers, here is a small list of the supposed top candidates!


UPDATE: Seems to be the "Video Games Award"-Sale. 

It seems Microsoft has launched a new sale which will last only for four days now. I've no idea why they started a new one, that short, that fast behind Black Friday, and that close to the annual (?) X-Mas sale. But does it matter? Check the great offers with up to 50% off on many newly released games!

- Red Dead Redemption 2 (10%)
- Assassin's Creed Odyssey (33-40%)
- Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition (50%)
- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (10-20%)
- FIFA 19 (40-50%)
- Forza Horizon 4 (35%)
- NBA 2K19 (50%)
- Shadow of the Tomb Raider (50%)
and many more!

Just check the whole list from the link below!

Here is the complete list

UPDATE: 2018/11/22:

MTCGame has now also reduced the price for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Get it for 45.89$. All other price still remain!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (45.89$)

UPDATE 2018/11/09:

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now also part of the discounted games! You can also get it for 50.99 USD!

Red Dead Redemption 2 (50.99$)

Some of you already bought Red Dead Redemption 2 or other games via MTCGame. Unfortunately RDR2 has now been drastically increased in price, so you can't make a snap anymore. But there are many other preorder games available at a good price. Below I have listed a few examples that came to my mind.

Important: You will get the key on release and not before. If you can wait for it, you can save money. In addition, there may be no preorder bonuses included. As for RDR2 they were included, but I can't guarantee it. To redeem the keys (because only the US keys are cheap) a VPN is possible needed if you live outside the US. But you can redeem the key in your browser, at the console, in the app or in any other way, where you can use VPN. If you still have a question about the language of a US key: The games are all region-free and you decide yourself in which store you want to download the game. In the German Store the game (if available) is in german, in the US Store english, etc.

I have only linked Standard Editions here. But there are often also Deluxe Editions etc. available for just a few bucks more. Just search for it!
(The indicated prices reflect the state of 26.10.2018. All prices already include taxes.)

Many more are available when you search for them:

MTCGame Search Page

Have Fun & Good Luck :) Red Dead Redemption 2 worked flawlessly for many of you guys.

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