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As you can expect from Microsoft every year during November, they've just started the annual Black Friday Sale at the Xbox Store. As always, GOLD members are first to grab the new deals. All others will follow from Sunday. Maybe we're also getting new deals with the second half of the sale. So be sure to check back again in some days, if new deals came up.

As usual you can find all deals in the Deal Overview

Here are some highlighs, which you may find interesting:

UPDATE 2018/11/07:

Icy made some investigation and found out a bit more about this:

I have been doing some reading in Russian forums and looks like since last summer, Microsoft decided to completely stop selling Russian gift cards and they don't plan to ever bring them back(this was the reply of Xbox support in Russia to one user). The reason for this can be that, even Russians were using gift cards to buy games because it was cheaper this way and the gift cards could be easily found below face value. Another theory is that Russians don't really use them so much to give a gift to someone and they are being used as money-saving exploit instead by foreigners. Someone else stated that Microsoft did this to fight back gift card scams in Russia. Whatever the reason, websites like Nilt which made their main profit off of Russian gift cards, went under because suddenly there was no supply.

Any websites at the moment still selling Russian gift cards, are selling them way over face value and no one is dumb enough to buy them. Russians are already reporting that even in physical stores they are going out of stock and they never return.

Microsoft support also said that the Russian gift cards that are not redeemed will expire eventually and if you have a gift card that can't be redeemed then you will have to speak to the store you bought it from to claim a refund. No one knows for sure if it is true that the Russian gift cards will expire at some point because some users already reported that they tried to redeem theirs and they worked. But one thing is for sure, no more Russian gift cards.


You guys may have noticed, that Microsoft already started to change their own games to USD like Forza Horizon 4, Gears 4, Sea of Thieves, ... and also some ID@Xbox and Arcade Games. You should better hurry to spend all your RUB cards while you still can. I did this myself earlier today and it worked. But for how long?

Some may have noticed that the price for some games in Russia is displayed in the range of a few cents. That is of course strange - but that's not my fault ;) Microsoft has - for some reason - changed some games to USD in the Russian store. But since this is only the case for a handful of games and not in general, I don't want to change anything. I'm not sure if this is a mistake or if it will be the same for all games in the future. But why would Russians pay in dollars in their store?

Anyway, I'll wait and see and you shouldn't be surprised.

Hi there!

As some of you may have noticed, it is usually not possible to buy from Argentina anymore, except you are a local. Locals can of course help you getting gift cards or gift game keys, but they have to pay 21% taxes onto the shown price since some months now. As the shown price on this MS store does not reflect the real situation and makes comparisons very hard, I've decided to change the price to an all-inclusive price, meaning the shown price here includes the 21% already. This does only apply for the calculated price and not for the "origin price with origin currency".

Sometime soon I will try to add a transparency marker like (+21%) after the shown price, to make it more clear to everyone.

Another interesting fact is that publishers increased prices for AAA-Games from Turkey by up to 100%. Sometimes even more! Since some weeks Microsoft blocked purchases on the turkish store and has deactivated the API to validate/verify/generate new gift card keys, which you were able to purchase from retailers before. Now, as the system is back online and purchases are enabled again, prices are very expensive. Almost every current or upcoming Blockbuster-Game from Turkey is much more expensive than the US or european price. And that's expensive!

Maybe you can grab some bargains still, but you need to hurry. Other games will follow and prices will increase even for smaller games.

Great news! MTCGame is just selling turkish gift cards again! They got stock and you are able to use it to buy games from the turkish store. Floxer has just tested this on his own, redeemed and purchased a game and can confirm it works.

Even if the cards are a bit more expensive than the face value, the price should still be much lower compared to the next possible country. So you're definately save some money.

Get turkish gift cards from MTCGame here

Have fun making some bargains!

UPDATE: The offer has expired. The price raised.

Another big/great news is that they currently offer Red Dead Redemption 2 for just 47.99 USD! You need to purchase the "US" Version of the game from MTCGame and you will receive a code on friday, once it is released. But remember: You won't get any preorder DLC. In case you are okay with that, it's a great deal!

Red Dead Redemption 2 (47.99$) (Digital Key)

UPDATE: Push! This is still a valid and good way to get your games simple, easy and cheap.

Our partners over at MTCGame are currently selling US game codes below face value, because you will get a 15% discount on US and EU codes. The discount is already applied. All prices alread include tax, so the shown price is the total price.

Thus you can get actual Blockbusters without much effort, easy to pay by PayPal or credit card.

How do the get the codes?

Simple. They just buy the games wit hthe gift option, which will lead to a redeemable key which will be given to you, if you buy one. But remember that you will have to use a VPN if you're not currently located in the US. But many VPN services do offer a free test period which you can use to redeem the key. Usually US servers are always part of any free test period.

ibVPN 24h free test account

How about Pre-Order Games?

Since one is not able to gift games which are still pre-order, I would not get these games early. You probably will receive your key later as you'd expect. But thats just my guess.

Some examples:

Maybe you can make some nice deals and save a few bucks. Good luck!

Currently you have the possibility to extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription for only 25.50$ per year. cdkeys offers codes from Brazil for this price! However, you need a Brazilian VPN server or a Brazilian IP to redeem them. There are no other technical restrictions. You can even extend your existing subscription (no matter from which country) with it. Only important note: You can extend gold for a maximum of three years into the future. I just found that out myself while trying it out :) Means: You can't buy gold for 10 years now. If the expiration date "would" (!) exceed three years due to the renewal, the renewal will be rejected.

Example: Your subscription runs until 15th Oct. 2020 and you want to add another year, the redemption process will be rejected. In this case you could redeem the code as of 16th Oct. 2018. You are only allowed to have subscription running for three years in maximum in the future.

cdkeys also offers a 3% voucher, which you can generate via the link below (But only on your computer. The generator doesn't load via Facebook on your smartphone).

To redeem, simply use your computer browser. On Xbox-Now simply call up the details/prices at any game and take the link to the BR Store there. Then you click on your name in the upper right corner, select "Minha conta Microsoft", then "Gerenciar" in the blue header and then "Resgatar um código ou cartão-presente" to enter the code. Close before the confirmation you will be asked for an automatic extension. Then there is another month for free. But it's better to deselect the extension and always do it manually, because it's definitely cheaper.

12M XBL Gold for 25.50$ per year

Generate 3% Voucher (Only available on your computer, not on your smartphone)

I have used the Brazil server from NordVPN to redeem. Other VPN providers might also have BR servers in it. NordVPN has a 3-day free trial!

A few weeks ago the API to activate a gift cards in turkish eletronic stores was deactivated, that no new cards find it's way to the public and thus nobody is able to benefit from the extremly low prices from outside of Turkey. Besides that the first publisher has now taken further consequences.

Thus the prices of some games of Activision Blizzard were raised by almost 100%, in order to compensate the current market situation, and/or the strong currency devaluation in Turkey. A huge disadvantage for turkish people, who now have extremly expensive prices for digital copies of games. Probably this will stop everyone to buy digital games. Instead one will purchase physically copies, which should not find it's way outside of Turkey usually.

In the recent price change overview one can clearly see that the upcoming Activision Blizzard games were increased by up to 100%. Usually at 470.50 TRY, which almost corresponds to the US price of 59.99$ plus excluding tax.

EA has already did the same in recent months with its games in Turkey and Argentina. Some game prices were already increased in June by about 70%, because of almost the similar situation in Argentina. Probably more publishers will follow soon and the prices in Argentina and Turkey are no longer very attractive. At least until the economic situation in both countries has recovered and the exchange rates rise again.

If anyone asks why not all the games in the store are becoming more expensive: The prices are not set by Microsoft, but by each publisher and for each country individually. Microsoft will certainly make proposals here, set upper limits and stuff like that. But in the end the price policy will be determined by each publisher himself.

If you are currently looking for gift cards for Hong Kong (e.g. for Life is Strange 2 Complete Edition - 25$), you can be happy! Play-Asia is currently offering some discounts on its Hong Kong digital cards, which you can get almost at the face value. As this is rarely the case with Play-Asia and Hong Kong will be one of the important countries in the future, you should consider buying more cards in reserve.

In the last days there were many speculations and questions regarding foreign purchases in the Xbox Store. After Microsoft banned various accounts for 14 days on 2018-09-06 after the so-called "enter method" became known (probably also for self-protection because it could not be ruled out that it was a hacker attack), there was a lot of confusion as to whether games could still be purchased abroad.

In fact, the whole situation is still relatively uncertain, but one thing is certain: the enter method is no longer possible at all. And that's a good thing. Not only for your accounts it could cause problems (bans etc.), but also Microsoft's infrastructure suffers with certainty. Since it seems to be just a glitch anyway, which is fixed in the meantime, you can be happy if at least your pre-orders remain.

There were some cancellations of games, but partly (in the example of Spyro) this was not due to a foreign purchase, but to the game itself. Also affected were players from the U.S. who bought regularly in their home store. However, the reason for this is not known. Probably at the publisher's request.

Even the purchase via VPN does not seem to work anymore. Of course, there can be exceptions. At least in the low-price countries like Argentina or Turkey it is no longer possible. That does not mean of course that a) it will not work again sometime in the future and b) that all countries are affected. If you were successful purchasing a game from a foreign store using VPN, please drop me a message. Recently someone in our Discord Channel speculated that Microsoft might have introduced a so-called BIN check for credit cards. The first six digits of the credit card number are validated, as they refer to the issuing bank and the country of origin of the card. Of course this would be a pity...

Nevertheless, purchases via gift cards are still possible!

At the moment it is difficult to get gift cards for Turkey and almost impossible to get them for Argentina. But never say never! The situation in these countries also changes again and so I can well imagine that in a few weeks/months gift cards will be available again. But if you know any person who lives in such a country, it's always possible to get cards from there. Local businesses sell them, as long as they have stock. But probably there won't be stock for too long anymore. It's also uncertain, if they can re-stock... We will see...

As soon as I get more information, I will inform you!

At this point you have found information about how to shop in other regions in the store. Since the method is similar to a brute force attack, Microsoft found it less good. Yesterday evening they started banning accounts temporarily for 14 days or at least subjecting them to a verification where you first had to reactivate your account yourself by sending an SMS. It could also have been that it was caused by a hack. Who knows how this was expressed internally at Microsoft.

Since I had published this ominous tutorial here, I may even have been the first to be directly affected. I had a permanent account ban last night. However, I was able to discuss the problems with the Enforcement-Team and clarify the issue. We agreed that I'd remove the tutorial here and thus virtually end the indirect DDoS attack (that's how it will have looked at Microsoft). In return the permanent ban was removed again. (If someone from Microsoft or the Enforcement-Team is reading this: Thank you very much! It was no bad intention!)

Therefore I ask you, especially to avoid a temporary or permanent lock, not to use this questionable method any longer to shop in other stores. Just use this page as you did a few days ago to inform you and so on.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! Next time the Xbox Store has some problems, we'll just ignore them. It will work correctly again sometime. Put the crowbar aside from now on ;)

+++ UPDATE #2 +++

It seems Microsoft has not yet recovered the system completely and you still will get problems when buying games (no matter from which store region). said this problems could be caused by shut down servers from the Azure cloud due to overheating?! But that's just a guess. Positive news for us is: This is potentially no try to keep us out trying to buy games from other stores, but instead everyone can get these problems, no matter where you live and which store region you tried. Hopefully very soon everything is back online and working again and all our pre-orders and purchases are successful.

+++ UPDATE +++

It seems that some people were successful in Turkey by just trying again and again if the usual message with "Unable to process payment... " or something like this. Some people needed about 30 tries until the payment was successful. But it seems Argentina is not that easy and won't work this way. But beware: The risk of getting your card blocked this way may be there!

Also some people reported it could be a DDoS against Microsoft, which could cause these problems. Who knows?

Some of you guys may already have noticed problems/trouble when buying games from foreign stores or even from your origin region?! It seems Microsoft has currently some problems performing the payment transactions. Many people reported problems within the last 24 hours. So if you try to buy something, don't give up. But don't try too often. Better keep calm and wait for the next day. Too many tries can result in a temporary blocked credit card. The problems should be sorted out in some hours. I will update this post once I get enough confirmations, everything works fine again.

Until now I has always linked ibVPN here when it comes to a VPN service for buying games in other countries. But I've decided to move on to another service. From now on you will find here especially NordVPN as a recommendation. Why is that so?

Don't get me wrong, ibVPN with its Ultimate offer is not bad and I have ordered many games in several countries with it myself. But the problem, which is now emerging and is getting worse and worse, is that the servers of interest to us, e.g. in Argentina or Turkey, are reaching their load limits. Problematic is exactly the biggest advantage of ibVPN. There is a trial access! This is nice for people who do not want to own a service for a long time or probably only buy a game once via VPN, so they do not want to pay for a VPN service. But I cannot imagine the latter in particular. Who has bought once abroad will do this again and again.

The load of the servers for e.g. Argentina or Turkey is always indicated low with ibVPN. That may be true. Calculated on bandwidth. But with as many connections as with all the Xbox game buyers from all over the world, the servers are becoming more and more unusable. You won't believe how many people register there for a trial account! (I asked)

I would therefore like to recommend NordVPN to you. I recently took a closer look at the service and tried it out myself. A buddy of mine wanted me to buy him about ten mini-games in Argentina. With ibVPN this was a pain, because I was often not connected to the XBL marketplace at all. NordVPN does not win any speed records for these servers either, but in the end they are still significantly faster than with ibVPN. Exception: You use ibVPN when Europe and Asia go to sleep ;) (The Americans are not so interested in buying abroad)


NordVPN has a nice offer: 99 US$ for 3 years VPN (2,75 US$ per month).


(The offer still lasts for 8 days) There is (which is good) also no differentiation of variants, where customers with better variants are preferred etc. Besides, the service is not so overcrowded because it costs something and allows six parallel connections. The offer is therefore perfect for small groups of people who are joining forces. You are welcome to meet us on the Discord Channel and join forces (this has worked well so far).

Since NordVPN offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, you can test it for a few days without any risk and then decide to cancel it ;)

What else can you use a VPN for?

Everyone should think about getting a VPN service, so that your tracks on the Internet are at least not so easy to track. But it can also have completely different, practical reasons. Get e.g. Netflix for 2-3€ in Turkey or watch content limited to regional markets, get Spotify for 2€ from the Phillippines. Maybe even the family package for 5€. There are many possibilities... But first and foremost, the safety aspect should have priority. 

The advantages of NordVPN:

- Access to 4,883 servers worldwide
- No logs
- Unlimited speed
- Connect up to 6 devices simultaneously
- 30 day money back guarantee
- Headquarters in Panama
- Crypto payments possible
- P2P allowed
- many more

Europe gets a Xbox Summer Sale as gamescom promotion - Save up to 60%

On the occasion of the upcoming gamescom 2018 Microsoft starts a Summer Sale in the Xbox Store, which is valid for Europe only. Apparently!? Maybe there'll be something else soon? The Summer Sale is not quite as big as the other sales, but at least more than 120 games made it to the sale! Of course you will find the deals clearly arranged in a list on the left in the menu or also in the normal overview marked as offer!

All sale offers in one list (save up to 60%!)

Microsoft has also added a few new games to the store. These are Sekiro, Division 2 or Soul Calibur 6!

Battlefield 5 Open Beta starts soon!

On September 6th EA will release the Open Beta of Battlefield 5, where you can put the game through its paces. Subscribers of EA Access or people who pre-ordererd the Deluxe Edition may already start on September 4th!




NordVPN also has a good offer :)

If you are generally looking for a good, fast and very secure VPN provider, you should check out NordVPN. There is currently the all-round carefree package for 2.75€ per month. Included are 4843 servers, up to 6 devices at the same time (sharing greetings!) and even 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Overall one can say that the offer is similarly extensive, if not even larger than with ibVPN, but the servers with NordVPN are simply much faster!

Metro Exodus - A real bargain (at the moment)

Some of you have already heard about it via Facebook or generally, but Metro Exodus can now be pre-ordered for an unbeatable price in Argentina!

The Gold Edition incl. Season Pass is currently available for about 24$, the normal version even for 20$. With the low savings you should definitely take the Season Pass with you :)

So start your VPN and get it before the publisher changes his mind about the price. That's not so unlikely, by the way! If you don't have a VPN yet, you might want to take a quick look at the ibVPN offer for 2.5$ per month and get the unlimited Ultimate Edition!

Cheap Fortnite V-Bucks

The Fortnite players among us will certainly need V-Bucks from time to time. At least there seems to be a lot of interest in it. Did you know that they are also much cheaper abroad?

Fortnite V-Bucks Price Overview

10,000 bucks cost 99.99$ in the US and around 24$ in Argentina. If you do not have a VPN or do not want to deal with it in general, you can also buy with about 50% savings in Brazil or South Africa, for which there are gift cards well available everywhere. In the overview on the left are also some good shops linked!

Dolby Atmos for Headphones is back on sale!

Who plays a lot over headset, should not hesitate long with this offer. Dolby Atmos for Headphones is again available with a 20% discount! This good thing conjures a very good spatial sound on your stereo headsets! For the few bucks it is worth it in any case!

Turkish Lira in Free Fall - These are your options now

Have you noticed that the Turkish lira is in free fall every day because of the US conflict? The games become cheaper with every day. Problem: The gift card shops are no longer able to meet the high demand, are sold out and thus quickly get nothing back. In turn, they have the problem that the cards are traded in USD, which also means that the usually poor conversion rate for end customers comes out and the risk of the shops is very high that the rate continues to fall and you make a big loss with it.

Therefore, it is probably not a solution to pay with gift card, even if this is the supposedly safest solution. BUT: If you pre-order now by credit card and the money is only charged 10 days before the release, the price may of course have changed again. Depending on when the game releases. However, as things stand at present, it is unlikely that the conflict will soon be resolved and the currency will continue to plummet. So games are getting cheaper every day. And if it doesn't happen any more, the prices will only rise slowly and you could still cancel every game if necessary. With pre-orders you can even do this in your MS account.

Although I myself would benefit from a small commission if you buy games with gift card directly from my website, I would still advise you to buy some games with a credit card from Turkey as long as the prices are so low. Even if it doesn't give me anything. The prices are currently simply too tempting!

On our own behalf

I found some time again and could continue working at the website. A few new visible features have made it into the current version.

- Xbox Live Gold Price Comparison
- Price changes no longer indicate increases, because why should they?!
- The help page has received a badge to help most new users find their way around.
- If there are new "News", a "NEW" badge is now displayed to every user who has not yet read it. If this doesn't eat up too much performance (yes, everything is cached etc. but anyway), then I'll add similar functions for the other sites soon, e.g. if there is a new game etc.
- Some additions in the help and FAQ...
In addition there are some new admin functions for me, which make my work easier;)

Still in development (simply because of the very large time requirement) are among other things the user registration with various really cool features. But unfortunately that takes time and as a one-man project you don't always have that in abundance beside your everyday obligations. But it's coming...
Just imagine all the cool features as a registered user, ... and then some more :) 

Discord channel for chatting

Like many of you, the Disqus chat system below the posts has become very annoying to me. I am already looking for a good alternative, which I can couple later with the upcoming user registration. Until then, however, you still have to hold out a little bit.

But now we have a very nice Discord-Chat, which you can enter via almost every device and discuss there diligently.
If you'd like to drop by, you'll find the discord symbol at the bottom left of the navigation bar, which will lead you directly to the channel.

Of course you can also link the Facebook page to keep up to date with bargains and deals!