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Some of you may have noticed that a major price update for almost all games and DLCs is taking place in Turkey today. This is due to currency fluctuations in Turkey and the associated uncertain exchange rate developments. That's why Microsoft has increased almost everything by about 18-25%. Too bad for us!

Furthermore, various games in Argentina have been massively adjusted in price. Partly the price was more than doubled. Spontaneously this was noticed of course with Borderlands 3, which was still available yesterday in all editions for around 50$ (as presumed probably a price error). Today the prices were adjusted and the biggest "Super Deluxe Edition" was just doubled in price. Other games include Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Very likely also other games that I can't name here right now. You will notice it ;)

If you have still gift card balance or unredeemed gift card codes left, you should (in my opinion) hurry and invest everything in games by now. If everything gets more expensive in general, you can still catch the last deals with it. Keeping balance doesn't seem to be a good option anymore.

It seems Microsoft enabled some kind of new protection for redeeming gift cards in Turkey and Argentina. Many users get an error message that it is not possible to redeem the cards at the moment or something similar. But there is a working solution to bypass this check.

Try the following steps which should work:

1. Pick the desired game from Xbox-Now and follow the link to the Microsoft Store. (It will be very nice if you would use the Xbox-Now link that I can get a small commission!)
2. Use a VPN of the specific country (Turkey / Argentina) after you logged in without (like NordVPN, ibVPN, etc.)
3. Press the buy button (since you're already logged in, you won't need to share credentials with the VPN operator)
4. The small purchase popup will offer you various payment options and there is a small link at the bottom to redeem a gift card (see screenshot in the help section in the menu) ( won't work anymore!)
5. Now enter the gift card code and the purchase should go through! If your balance was not enough, you will be asked how to pay the rest. If you have more cards, you can do the same process over and over again.

Now everything should work.

Have fun!

Division 2 is just around the corner, or has even been released today. If you are still looking for good offers, you can contact two members of our community.

LeoMeinTeil (from Argentina) and Oleg (from the Ukraine) can send you the game as a gift code. Just talk to them personally and negotiate a good price for yourself. You can contact Leo via the comments below or via Whatsapp (+54 9 11 3418-3414) and Oleg by mail (

Who is still uncertain or would like to exchange experiences: In the comments you will find what you are looking for.

UPDATE #2: The password requirements were lowered and you guys just have to create passwords with 6 chars and without the need of symbols. Also the captcha is now a bit shorter and easier. If you still encouter problems, just refresh the captcha and generate a new one.

There are also some updated translations, but we are not complete yet ;) 

You've waited a long time for this. I really have received countless requests. And now, after some internal testing, I want to make the registration accessible to all users. But please note that this is beta code. We will then see how the feature works with a large number of users and whether everything works well, or whether various errors still occur.

For now, the registration part is only available in english! But the translations are in the works and will be available very soon!


So what are your benefits as registered user?

  • Create a watchlist to always have an eye on favorite games and their prices
  • Create an "I own it"-list, set your purchase prices and always see a "what have I actually saved" price (just because we can)
  • Remove the owned games from the results, to only see what really matters
  • Create price alarms. You will get an information email if the price is reached somewhere.
  • Activate price alarms for any game on your watch list to see if even these are cheaper somewhere
  • Remove special countries from your results permanently, there is no need to set the filter again each time.
  • Activate Auto-Login and you are always logged into your account on that device. (This needs to be set on each device!)

By the way, this is only the first phase of user functions. I'm currently working on more and even cooler functions, but unfortunately I can't tell you more at this point. But stay tuned!

If you find strange bugs somewhere, please contact me.

Known Bugs:

  • During translation migration: You need to set any of those symbols for your password while registering and one number: @#$!§$&=%

Last week's blockade seems to be over! Today I received some comments and confirmations that shopping with gift cards is possible again in the Turkish store. Also Floxer has managed to get it working again, after a strange error message from the past days. Probably Argentina works again, too. Feel free to post in the comments, if you managed to get it working, too.

Our partner Oyunfor sells you Turkish gift cards at 1:1 face value

UPDATE: It seems that the Revolut MasterCard is no longer working for international purchases.

Great News for the weekend! It seems possible now to purchase everything and everywhere across all Microsoft Stores! (Yes, all!) 

As reported in our comments on Xbox-Now, Microsoft now accepts MasterCard credit cards from Revolut for every country. Until now, Revolut had always offered cards from Visa that were not suitable. But MasterCard seems to be accepted without any problems and can be used for any country without any problems. This makes it as easy as with gift cards but without any additional fees.

Maybe there is a special partnership between Revolut and Microsoft? Recently Revolut has found many new partners. 

Note: You do not use any trick or anything similar. The credit card created by you and for you will be accepted as a normal means of payment. Nothing else is necessary.

Thanks to everyone who posted about this in the comments, sent mails or reached out to me on other ways. Many people will appreciate it.

Currently all four Javelin suits from Anthem are available as Xbox Avatar Outfits from Microsoft for free! No Idea if this is a mistake or it also shout be free. But to be sure you should hurry getting all for while you can. 

Interceptor Javelin Avatar Outfit (free!)

Storm Javelin Avatar Outfit (free!)

Colossus Javelin Avatar Outfit (free!)

Ranger Javelin Avatar Outfit (free!)

UPDATE: This promotion is available again! Be sure to check the price of your whishlist-games. 35% off on EU store games and and 30% off on US store games.

MTCGame sells game keys from US again with 30% off and from EU with 35% off. You can make some nice deals. The discount is already applied on all shown prices. Also pre-order games are listed and quite cheap. Below you can find some examples I found, but also others are available. Unfortunately PayPal does still have problems and you won't be able to pay by PayPal by end of the month. But that could be the reason for the huge discounts. Once PayPal is working again, this high discounts may be over?!

Pre-order keys are not be available before game release date. You should check your account and mail after the game has released, because sometimes you won't get an email, even if the key is already stored in your profile. Notice: The pre-order keys are usually sent some hours after the game has released. And you always can find i.e. the deluxe editions for any game, too.

Attention: If you're getting a key other than your local region, you will only be able to redeem the key by using a VPN!

Cdkeys sells digital keys for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition for 23.50$. if you not already own the game, this is your chance! It's way better than most people say. Probably the best part of the series behind the original one 20 years ago.

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition - 23.50$ (Key)

Seagm has just informed me that the prices for gift cards for Argentina have been slightly lowered again. In addition, the prices for Turkish and Brazilian gift cards have also been lowered. Seagm will also try to get gift cards for Chile and Colombia. Although first in small quantities to check if it is generally worth it and people need it but we always take another option ;)

Gift card overview at Seagm

Not only MTCGame but also various merchants on G2A offer turkish gift cards almost at face value. 100 TRY are available for ~20$ and and I bet you can make great deals using these cards.

Turkish Gift Cards at G2A

Turkish Gift Cards at MTCGame

Attention: You might experience errors during the purchase. Some people are affected, some don't. It can help to wait for 72hrs until trying again.

UPDATE 2: Rob told in the comments that he got it working by just waiting for 72hrs after the last "error" during purchase. So it seems this bug (if it is one?!) affects now Turkey and Argentina. You will have to wait ~72hrs after redeeming the gift cards and after your last attempt to buy anything with it. Probably you need to be "logged into" Argentina/Turkey for 72hrs before any purchase can be completed. Strange but now as we know it, it should help many people who have problems.

Attention: Seagm also lowered the prices for ARS gift cards! 500 ARS are now sold at 21.50$ and 300 ARS are soled for 14$. Still not at face value but lower is always better.

UPDATE: It seems that some people experience problems when trying to use the balance. Redeeming usually works without problems but using the balance leads into payment errors. This could be the same problem like in Turkey. So maybe it can help to just wait for some days and try again. Good luck!

Seagm now offers Argentina Gift Cards on their website. Even if the price is doubled the face value, which is basically a due to high wholesale prices, you can still make some bargains. Need an example?

Metro Exodus is set for release during february and is priced around 85 USD. In Argentina you can get this version for around 20 USD. Even if the price at seagm is doubled, you still would be below the next cheapest countries like India or Turkey, where it's priced around 50 USD.

You just need to find the real bargains from Argentina to transform these expensive cards into good deals.

Warning: Even Darksiders 3 was cheap when it was still a pre-order. But right after the release, the game was removed, new added and is now priced a lot more expensive. So maybe the cheap prices like for Metro are just in pre-order phase. The same happened to Battlefield 5.

Metro Exodus Gold Edition - Price Comparison

Argentina Gift Cards at seagm

Btw: They've got 50 cards at 500 ARS and will get another 50 of 300 ARS tomorrow. Because it's very easy to spend your rest value, you should not wait too long. It's maybe better getting 2x 500 ARS, even if you just need 800. Thats my guess. 50 cards are not much, can be outselled very fast and it's very uncertain if/when new cards will be available.

As in the last years Microsoft brings us a beautiful and fully packed Xbox sale for Christmas this year. This year we have again the biggest sale ever (as ever :D). Not because they made more offers, but because there are always releasing more games... 

This year, however, there are also many very current games on the discount list

Here you can find the complete list of all deals: Countdown Sale 2018 - Complete Deal Overview

If you just want to get a quick overview of the over 700 offers, here is a small list of the supposed top candidates!


UPDATE: Seems to be the "Video Games Award"-Sale. 

It seems Microsoft has launched a new sale which will last only for four days now. I've no idea why they started a new one, that short, that fast behind Black Friday, and that close to the annual (?) X-Mas sale. But does it matter? Check the great offers with up to 50% off on many newly released games!

- Red Dead Redemption 2 (10%)
- Assassin's Creed Odyssey (33-40%)
- Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition (50%)
- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (10-20%)
- FIFA 19 (40-50%)
- Forza Horizon 4 (35%)
- NBA 2K19 (50%)
- Shadow of the Tomb Raider (50%)
and many more!

Just check the whole list from the link below!

Here is the complete list

UPDATE: 2018/11/22:

MTCGame has now also reduced the price for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Get it for 45.89$. All other price still remain!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (45.89$)

UPDATE 2018/11/09:

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now also part of the discounted games! You can also get it for 50.99 USD!

Red Dead Redemption 2 (50.99$)

Some of you already bought Red Dead Redemption 2 or other games via MTCGame. Unfortunately RDR2 has now been drastically increased in price, so you can't make a snap anymore. But there are many other preorder games available at a good price. Below I have listed a few examples that came to my mind.

Important: You will get the key on release and not before. If you can wait for it, you can save money. In addition, there may be no preorder bonuses included. As for RDR2 they were included, but I can't guarantee it. To redeem the keys (because only the US keys are cheap) a VPN is possible needed if you live outside the US. But you can redeem the key in your browser, at the console, in the app or in any other way, where you can use VPN. If you still have a question about the language of a US key: The games are all region-free and you decide yourself in which store you want to download the game. In the German Store the game (if available) is in german, in the US Store english, etc.

I have only linked Standard Editions here. But there are often also Deluxe Editions etc. available for just a few bucks more. Just search for it!
(The indicated prices reflect the state of 26.10.2018. All prices already include taxes.)

Many more are available when you search for them:

MTCGame Search Page

Have Fun & Good Luck :) Red Dead Redemption 2 worked flawlessly for many of you guys.