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For those of you who purchased gift cards for Argentina or Turkey or probably also others in the past days and who has problems when redeeming the cards, here's a hint how it could work:

If you install the Xbox App on your smartphone and change the country setting inside to your preferred one (for which the gift cards are meant for) you should be able to redeem the cards with active VPN. Many people came to me asking for the same problem. All of them were able to redeem and spend the cards with active VPN.

As VPN you can use e.g. ibVPN or NordVPN, which each offer trials. Via the Smartphone app of the service providers you can establish the VPN connection.

I have updated the help page accordingly.

UPDATE: Seems we have some problems displaying the current sale discounts. I'm on it!

Many of you guys already wondered if we get a new summer sale this year. Well, no. Or maybe. But this time you get a Super Game Sale! This means, we also can get a summer sale later this year ;) This time more than 500 games are on sale with up to 85% off! Including some of the newer ones... RAGE 2 (35%), The Division 2 (50%), Red Dead Redemption 2 (40%), Mortal Kombat 11 (25%), DayZ (30%) and many more! (Without Gold you have 10% less)

You can find the complete list here: Xbox Super Game Sale Offers

Once again you can also get a cheap 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate test for the price of 1 month. (Only new customers)
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Offer

Edit: complete list will Take a little longer :(

It's this special time of the year, close to E3 when Microsoft usually starts a big sale in the Microsoft store. This time is now! The new sale runs from June 7th to June 17th. Some of the newly discounted games are: Mortal Kombat 11, THE DIVISION 2 STANDARD EDITION XBOXONE DIGITAL, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, ANTHEM, DARK SOULS III, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unkown, DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ, Jump Force and many more! You can save up to 85%.

The complete list can be found here. I expect the list to be complete by 11pm CEST.

► Liste aller Deals

The Discord channel of XN has been extended for a gifting section, where community members with international credit cards and the ability to purchase abroad (incl. Argentina and Turkey) are able to gift things for you. Usually they don't even ask for a fee or just a small fee. Feel free to join the channel, see the rules, contact persons, negotiate your trades/gifts and solve your problems.

Xbox-Now Discord Channel Invitationlink

Discord Gifting Section

(Gifters and users are welcome)

As a result: Please stop posting sell offers in the comments section below from now on!

UPDATE: Ubisoft has begin to increase prices for it's games.

As Alecas told me today (thanks!), the subscription prices for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass in Argentina will increase significantly! The Gold subscription will be raised from 1699 ARS (~38$) to 2399 ARS (~54$) on 6th of June! The Game Pass subscription in Argentina also climbs from 2868 ARS (~64$) to 4788 ARS (~107$) also on June 6th. Microsoft explains these rapid price increases with changed market conditions, by which the weakening currency might be meant. This possibly does not concern most of you, however, I expect that also the game prices could be adjusted in the near future.


This has happened several times in the past and happens unannounced. Therefore, you may want to spend any Argentina balance / gift cards soon or use it elsewhere to avoid the price shock that will hit you later.

If you still have problems redeeming or spending gift cards (especially in Argentina and Turkey), it may help you to wait 72 hours before making a new attempt. The redemption usually only works via VPN (of the respective country) at the moment. If possible, the purchase with gift cards should also take place via VPN.

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