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UPDATE: In case you missed it: NHL 18 has a wrong price at the Xbox Store Israel. You can get the game for just 12 USD (EA Access -10%). There are gift cards available for Israel but I only know G2A to buy the cards. Unfortunately no other shop. Maybe you guys know one?

- NHL 18 wrong price at Xbox Store IL (12 USD)

Unfortunately there are only 100 ILS cards available from G2A at the moment. 50 ILS cards are out of stock. But you can spend the rest for Rocket League or any other small game which is priced around 10 USD. 


In case some of you missed the recent deals from Russia, I would like to take the chance to post them all together again. It seems Microsoft adjusted the prices of some of their self-published games for Russia and this is your chance to grab a bargain while they last. Combined with russian gift cards from our Partner Nilt, who sells these cards below face value, you can even save more money!

NILT Gift Cards for Russia (credit card only! Be sure to check the help page for more information on how to redeem the cards!)

- Forza Motorsport 7 Standard Edition (30 USD)
- Forza Motorsport 7 Deluxe Edition (41 USD)
- Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition (52.50 USD)
- Super Lucky's Tale (7.50 USD)
- ReCore (incl. Definitive Edition Upgrade) (6.50 USD)
- Dishonored 2 (18 USD)

I would be very happy if you could redeem the cards and buy the game through Xbox-Now using your computers browser. I will get a small commission. Thank you very much. I highly appreciate it!

Also you are now able to like Xbox-Now on Facebook! I've just created an international page on Facebook where I will post new deals, special offers, announcements and other interesting information. So be sure to like the page. You won't regret it :)

It seems Microsoft is just dropping the prices in russia for all it's self published games like Forza Motorsport 7 (from 30 USD!), ReCore (8 USD) and now for Super Lucky's Tale, which dropped huge to just 499 RUB now. If you combine this with super cheap gift cards from Russia from our Partner Nilt, you can get the game for just 7.50 USD compared to 29.99 USD usually. Super Lucky's Tale is also a Xbox One X Launch-Title and will be available on 11/07/2017. 

One more thing...

If you feel like the page should be localized in your language, which is not yet available, feel free to contact me through the contact form in the menu. I would like to see the page available in almost every language.
Also I am looking for hints about new gift card shops for many countries including Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, Singapore, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and some others. Short said: All the countries with nice prices! If you know some shops, please also contact me. Maybe I am missing any country which supports gift cards? Just tell me! Thank you!

From today you guys are able to pre order the Xbox One X Standard Edition. It will be delivered at release (07/11/2017). Usually you should be able to cross-border purchase the console from any store you like! Warranty is handled globally by registering the serial number. Shipping is always free. If you change your mind, you can easily cancel the preorder by contacting Microsoft.

[LINK] Pre-Order Xbox One X at Microsoft Store (Your Area)

[LINK] Pre-Order Xbox One X at Microsoft Store (US)

[LINK] Pre-Order Xbox One X at Microsoft Store (UK)

I guess it will be fast out of stock again this time.

UPDATE #2: Nilt (RU) has stock! New cards are available to purchase now! Grab Forza Motorsport 7 while it's a bargain!

Also you are now able to purchase 'ReCore' (incl. Definitive Edition Update) for just 419 RUB (~ 7 USD) [LINK]

Some of you may already noticed that Forza Motorsport 7 (every version) is now much cheaper in Russia! It seems the price was adjusted to less than 50% of the original price. Thus we can get it from 34 USD (Standard) to 57 USD (Ultimate) now! 

Thanks to our partner at Nilt you can get the gift cards to buy the game just cheaper than the actual face value! You can get 2500 RUB for 2144 RUB and so on. But the shop is heavily under pressure and much of the cards are already sold out now. But the shop admin told me they will get new stock tomorrow and you can also buy the Windows Store Gift Cards which will work exactly the same than Xbox Gift Cards. Prices are equal.

You can also buy the cards wherever you like but expect prices around face value then.

[Links to the Nilt-Cards and other Shops]

Nilt Xbox Gift Cards
Nilt Windows Gift Cards
More Gift Card Shops

[Links to the Editions]

Forza Motorsport 7 Standard Edition
Forza Motorsport 7 Deluxe Edition
Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition

Once again you can grab a cheap 12M Xbox Live Gold subscription from just 35 EUR / 42 USD from cdkeys. The regular price is 37 EUR / 44 USD which can be lowered by the 5% Facebook voucher.

[Link] 12M Xbox Live Gold - from 35 EUR / 42 USD

The voucher can be found here:


  • You cannot display the voucher code on any mobile device (smartphone etc.) so use your computers browser.
  • You can only use the voucher if you are logged in to your cdkeys account. It would be shown as invalid else.
  • The voucher can be used twice per person. You're maybe able to generate a new one for another cdkeys account and another email address.

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