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From now on you can use translations in russian and turkish.
Thanks to Jonathan_x64 (russian) and HJ80TR (turkish)

Right now there are issues showing the correct store descriptions in these languages. I am working on this!

If you also want to help translating the page to a missing language, just contact me!

I've just pushed an update for the site which changed a small but important thing: original prices are now always shown again. Before they're moved to a tooltip which had bad usage for Smartphone-users. So this should be more clear now.

Also the DLC pages changed a bit. Added compatible games to the DLC details, added proper productId validation on request-window and so on...

If you experience any bugs or if you feel there is anything I should change, feel free to contact me.

Update: The problem with the DLC overview has been solved. Until the next release it is just a workaround ;) Don't request foolish things...

Since many of you guys already asked for that feature (a lot) I've just activated the DLC section after some hacking in my last free days of holiday. Actually very similar to the V1 but there will be some changes in the coming days I guess. 

Maybe some of you can grab some good deals for the currently running "Addon-Sale". And I hope there are not too many bugs making you sick :) If so, don't panik! Please write them to the comments. I will fix them asap.

Have fun!

UPDATE: If the website seems displaced, try refreshing the Browser or clean the Browsers cache etc. An Inkcognito-Tab shows you how it must look like.

Hello Everyone!

After some weeks of testing V2, which has been tested by some of you already, I finally deployed V2. This means you will face some changes on the site I would like to clarify here.
Please read this news completely before using the site to avoid any missunderstanding. Thank you!

The release of V2 is a little bit earlier than I first expected. Maybe too early? But because of the upcoming GamesCom and other events I don't want to wait any longer. 

Features, coming in the following days and weeks:

  • DLC Overview and requesting possibility (better and fast than before)
  • Little badges at the menu, showing the amount of new entries for games etc.
  • DLCs and alternate editions of games shown inside the details page
  • Full text search page for any kind of stuff
  • Xbox 360 Games (no comparision, just for deal prices)
  • Mail notifications (i.e. if a game has underrun a set price)
  • Some fance user functions (more details soon; you can't even register an account actually)
  • Better filters (more details soon!)
  • Generation of billing addresses for any country
  • Show historical game prices due to deals ,price-drops etc. (actually I have to collect some data first)
  • Some people will help me translating the page into more languages than english and german!
  • New page showing just price changes. It's easier to find them then.
  • (Maybe) also a dark design since some people liked the old one.
  • And many more...

If you face any errors or ugly things, please contact me so that I can change them.

I would also like to say again, that if you plan to buy a game by gift cards, please use my website to buy the game and do not do this on your console. Using gift cards means there is no need for a VPN etc. I will get a little commission to pay the server and other things! Thank you very much!

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