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Have you ever wondered when, how and whether the taxes will be implemented in Argentina? I feel the same way. Currently the information situation is quite opaque for me. The Argentinians are no better off. Microsoft is definitely on the list of companies to be taxed. Here you can have a look at the list: https://de.scribd.com/document/379406384/Anexo-II#from_embed

However, so far nothing has happened with the prices. Neither the prices were raised by 21%, nor a tax is demanded in the order process. Other companies (Spotify, Netflix and even Sony) have already informed their customers actively or in the form of FAQs. Here is an example from Sony:

If you now think: Yes, the bank will take it off directly via the card at the end, you are probably right. But what speaks against it for me is that the taxes also have to be shown on the invoice of MS and that one could simply use gift cards and there also no taxes are incurred. 

Let's see what happens in the next few days. If you want to buy something in Argentina now, you should hurry. The current situation may change very soon.

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I am using the Ultimate Edition myself and I can only recommend it. Always were able to purchase directly in Argentina or others. Also was able to redeem a gift code on my european account which was purchased in Egypt. (Yes, I was able to find anyone who got me some cheap Microsoft exclusives! :))

But there is one thing to be said: This offer is only valid if you buy a 2 year license for 58 USD. But because you would be able to share the account with other people (5 sim connections possible), it's just a small amount everyone has to pay.

Here you can find the ibVPN Ultimate offer

If you are not sure yet, you can try the 24 hour trial.

Argentina will add 21% tax on June 27th!

Sad news for the weekend! As it seems Argentina adds taxes to digital goods like Netflix, Spotify and others (including digital Xbox Games!) starting June 27th. I wouldn't mention it if it's only some few percent. But as it seems it's going to be an additional 21%! That said you should better hurry buying digital games from Argentina. Even if pre-orders purchased by credit card are not yet charged, but some day before launch, you will buy them without any fee. Of course there can always be some exchange rate differences and of course, if you buy a game now which will release later this year, it's also very likely that the prices may increase (or decrease even more?!) but you will at least save the additional 21% which will make Argentina definately much less interesing to buying games from. I will make sure that the small country-tooltip for Argentina will show taxes from June 20th on. I am also planning to add another price level which shows the real end-price including taxes for each country where this is possible. 

Someone from Argentina contacted me and told me about that. UPDATE: I am now able to confirm this, because others contacted me and also told me about this step. 

Source: https://www.infobae.com/economia/finanzas-y-negocios/2018/04/24/netflix-spotify-y-otros-servicios-digitales-similares-empiezan-a-pagar-iva/ (spanish) (es)

UPDATE: I've changed the day to June 27. Seems some news were wrong before.

Unable to use your gift card balance for payments?

As it seems Microsoft has made some changes to their payment system, which results in unusable gift card balance on your account. If you are affected by this change and if you are not able to use your pre-activated gift cards in any country, this may can happen because you don't have added any alternative payment instrument for those countries. If this is by mistake or if Microsoft made these changes on purpose is not clear at the moment. So if you're having trouble accessing your balance, just add a credit card or possibly PayPal for those countries (even if you don't want to use your alternate method). It just has to "be there".

If you don't own a credit card or anything similar which can be added, you should go with any virtual card, which are available all over the internet. You don't have to add balance to this card. It's just a "ghost card".

After adding an alternate payment instrument, you should be able to use your gift card balance without any hassle.

EDIT: It's possibly enough if you just add a billing address for that specific country!

Just before E3 opens the doors Microsoft has started a new Sale called "Big Fun Deals" which will run from June 7 - 17.

You can find the deals here.


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