Turkish Lira in free fall and some new site features

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Turkish Lira in Free Fall - These are your options now

Have you noticed that the Turkish lira is in free fall every day because of the US conflict? The games become cheaper with every day. Problem: The gift card shops are no longer able to meet the high demand, are sold out and thus quickly get nothing back. In turn, they have the problem that the cards are traded in USD, which also means that the usually poor conversion rate for end customers comes out and the risk of the shops is very high that the rate continues to fall and you make a big loss with it.

Therefore, it is probably not a solution to pay with gift card, even if this is the supposedly safest solution. BUT: If you pre-order now by credit card and the money is only charged 10 days before the release, the price may of course have changed again. Depending on when the game releases. However, as things stand at present, it is unlikely that the conflict will soon be resolved and the currency will continue to plummet. So games are getting cheaper every day. And if it doesn't happen any more, the prices will only rise slowly and you could still cancel every game if necessary. With pre-orders you can even do this in your MS account.

Although I myself would benefit from a small commission if you buy games with gift card directly from my website, I would still advise you to buy some games with a credit card from Turkey as long as the prices are so low. Even if it doesn't give me anything. The prices are currently simply too tempting!

On our own behalf

I found some time again and could continue working at the website. A few new visible features have made it into the current version.

- Xbox Live Gold Price Comparison
- Price changes no longer indicate increases, because why should they?!
- The help page has received a badge to help most new users find their way around.
- If there are new "News", a "NEW" badge is now displayed to every user who has not yet read it. If this doesn't eat up too much performance (yes, everything is cached etc. but anyway), then I'll add similar functions for the other sites soon, e.g. if there is a new game etc.
- Some additions in the help and FAQ...
In addition there are some new admin functions for me, which make my work easier;)

Still in development (simply because of the very large time requirement) are among other things the user registration with various really cool features. But unfortunately that takes time and as a one-man project you don't always have that in abundance beside your everyday obligations. But it's coming...
Just imagine all the cool features as a registered user, ... and then some more :) 

Discord channel for chatting

Like many of you, the Disqus chat system below the posts has become very annoying to me. I am already looking for a good alternative, which I can couple later with the upcoming user registration. Until then, however, you still have to hold out a little bit.

But now we have a very nice Discord-Chat, which you can enter via almost every device and discuss there diligently.
If you'd like to drop by, you'll find the discord symbol at the bottom left of the navigation bar, which will lead you directly to the channel.

Of course you can also link the Facebook page to keep up to date with bargains and deals!