Ultimate Game Sale 2018 runs from July 19th to July 30th8

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Ultimate Game Sale 2018 starts this thursday


UPDATE: The sale has been started!

You can find all offers from the sale here: https://www.xbox-now.com/sale-deal-list


As expected during the summer days the annual Ultimate Game Sale starts this thursday and will run until July 30th. Microsoft has loads of discounted games and downloadable content for us with up to 65% off! (Usually it's even more sometimes). Xbox-Now should have all the deals available/displayed earlier than the official start date. Expect the deals to bw listed from today 3pm (ET), like old sales in the past did.
Better increase your prepaid gift card amount, grab some nice VPN offer (like the very nice ibVPN deal yesterday) or do whatever is necessary to be prepared for over 500+ deals!

Besides the discounted games, you will find loads of discounted downloadable content. These are not added/listed/updated automatically, you will have to query the price-update by yourself. I will try to supply a list of all discounted DLCs for you, that you are able to decide if you're interested and do the necessary steps to get the updated price here at Xbox-Now!

You should hurry and restock the prepaid gift cards for e.g. Turkey and other "interesting" countries as soon as you can. As soon as the sale has started, the demand will be very high and it could be out of stock very fast. (Turkey at MTCGame

As soon as the sale has started (in)officially (usually this evening) you will get an update on it here or on Facebook etc.