12 Months Xbox Live Gold for less thant 26 USD!

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Update: You cannot extend your subscription from a different country. This will only work if you don't have gold at the moment!

At the end of the weekend we get a good bargain served at cdkeys. Loyal Xbox-Now users have probably already taken part in one of the last ibVPN deals and subscribed to a good VPN service in the long run. Now you can not only make good game deals with it, but also extend your Xbox Live.

For Brazil the Gold Codes are quite cheap and so in combination with a cdkeys voucher of 5% and a Brazil VPN you pay only 26$ for another 12 months of Xbox Live Gold. A must just for the four free games per month, if you haven't had gold yet. All others extend early ;)

12 Months Xbox Live Gold für 25,45 USD (use 5% voucher) (ATTENTION: Brazil VPN is absolutely required!)

The cdkeys voucher can be generated here. It can be used twice per account. To use it successfully, you must be logged in to cdkeys. A valid e-mail address does not have to be entered.