Sales tax in Argentina? Obviously not yet...

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Have you ever wondered when, how and whether the taxes will be implemented in Argentina? I feel the same way. Currently the information situation is quite opaque for me. The Argentinians are no better off. Microsoft is definitely on the list of companies to be taxed. Here you can have a look at the list:

However, so far nothing has happened with the prices. Neither the prices were raised by 21%, nor a tax is demanded in the order process. Other companies (Spotify, Netflix and even Sony) have already informed their customers actively or in the form of FAQs. Here is an example from Sony:

If you now think: Yes, the bank will take it off directly via the card at the end, you are probably right. But what speaks against it for me is that the taxes also have to be shown on the invoice of MS and that one could simply use gift cards and there also no taxes are incurred. 

Let's see what happens in the next few days. If you want to buy something in Argentina now, you should hurry. The current situation may change very soon.

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