Argentina adds taxes to all digital games from June 27th! Better hurry!

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Argentina will add 21% tax on June 27th!

Sad news for the weekend! As it seems Argentina adds taxes to digital goods like Netflix, Spotify and others (including digital Xbox Games!) starting June 27th. I wouldn't mention it if it's only some few percent. But as it seems it's going to be an additional 21%! That said you should better hurry buying digital games from Argentina. Even if pre-orders purchased by credit card are not yet charged, but some day before launch, you will buy them without any fee. Of course there can always be some exchange rate differences and of course, if you buy a game now which will release later this year, it's also very likely that the prices may increase (or decrease even more?!) but you will at least save the additional 21% which will make Argentina definately much less interesing to buying games from. I will make sure that the small country-tooltip for Argentina will show taxes from June 20th on. I am also planning to add another price level which shows the real end-price including taxes for each country where this is possible. 

Someone from Argentina contacted me and told me about that. UPDATE: I am now able to confirm this, because others contacted me and also told me about this step. 

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UPDATE: I've changed the day to June 27. Seems some news were wrong before.