Gift Cards for Turkey/Turkiye are back!

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UPDATE: You can now also use our 7% voucher code.

What a sensation! Just recently, the changed limits for gifting actually made them irrelevant, but suddenly gift cards for Turkey (Turkiye) are popping up everywhere again. Why this is suddenly the case and where the cards comes from is unclear at the moment. The fact is, however, that various stores are suddenly offering card at normal prices again. Both, stores from Turkey, as well as on Eneba etc.

Since I have no idea how long the cards will be available again, stock up before you regret it. But maybe you should spend the b alance quickly after redeeming. Who knows if Microsoft won't change something soon and it won't work anymore? Currently, you have to reckon with everything.

To redeem the gift cards you need to use a turkish VPN server. After the balance is available you can spend it without using a VPN!
(, Urban VPN und Surfshark should to the job. Various others as well; while some of the most known ones might not as they are sometimes blocked. Reports suggest redeeming works better at the phone (maybe even old store app) tahn via PC browser.)

 Xbox Gift Card Turkiye 100 TRY - starting from 3,97€

► Xbox Gift Card Turkiye 300 TRY - starting from 12,95€

You can also use the voucher code XBOXNOW7 for 7% off! (XBOXNOW3 was 3%)

Hint: Be sure to use one of the offers below and avoid the promotion offer on the right top. See screenshot:

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