Xbox-Now Page Update 2023-10-25

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As we are going straight to winter again, it is now time to work on the website again. In the last few months not so much has happened, as some of you have surely noticed.

That's why I've decided to write a news item every time I make a major change, so you'll know which features or fixes have been implemented.

  • (New) I have started the renaming and adjustment of Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Core. Here and there you will see the old name for sure. I'll change that little by little.
  • (New) In the menu, a SALE badge is now displayed next to the deal overview - if a sale is running. The next sale is just around the corner.
  • (New) There is now a preset filter for "AAA games only".
  • (Change) The price comparison for Xbox Live Gold has been removed. 
  • (Change) The HELP badge in the menu has been hidden. First of all I have to rewrite the help setion soon, as a lot has changed.
  • (Fix) A much too long displayed "NEW" badge in the deal overview should be fixed. This should be displayed only 24h after the deal was found. Should someone notice that it is displayed for too long, please send me a short info.
  • (Fix) The display for xx% cheaper was also used if the price in a country was more expensive than the local price.
  • (Fix) IGDB links for game ratings can now be opened again
  • (Fix) Ext. prices listed as wrong (e.g. Eneba) should not reappear after a short time.
  • (Fix) The thumbnails for the "Trending" section should not load incorrectly anymore (e.g. Ubi+)

In the coming days I will add new price comparisons for Game Pass Core and Ubisoft+.