Spring Sale 2023 with more than 650 offers has started - running from April 6 - 21

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Microsoft has started this year's Spring Sale. Included are a lot of games with up to 85% off! Some newer games are also included. As usual, you can find a complete list of all the deals at the bottom of this news and with a more detailed level of information at our Deal-Overview. The sale runs until April 21. Info about cheap gift cards for Brazil with our 7% voucher code can be found here

MS Store Iceland as an alternative

If you are just interested in smaller indie games, you are very likely able to purchase these directly from the Iceland Store with your regular credit card and no need for gift cards etc. Also no VPN required. This may only work for residents of the EU. One of the upcoming AAA titles - Dead Island 2 - is available in Iceland and a lot cheaper than other european countries!

All Games and DLCs



(This post was created automatically. Errors and changes excepted. Maybe not all DWG games are included!)