Overwatch 2 is out now as free to play game

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overwatch 2Overwatch 2 is available since today, and unlike the first part, it is even playable for free as an F2P title. Cosmetic items and extras cost money, as usual for such games, but those who just want to play a few rounds with their friends don't have to pay anything. If you want to start with a starter package, you can buy the Watchpoint-Pack for between 20 and 40€. The pack includes the following Overwatch 2 in-game content: Season One Premium Battle Pass, 7 Legendary skins (including 2 all-new Space Raider skins), 5 Epic skins, 2,000 Overwatch Coins and instant access to all 35 Overwatch Heroes.

Overwatch 2 (free) (Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S)

Overwatch 2 Watchpoint-Pack