10% off FIFA 23 at eneba with our voucher code

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fifa 23 discounted

Together with our partners from eneba we have prepared a voucher for all three editions of FIFA 23 (Xbox / XSX) for you. It is valid for the Turkish version, which of course brings you a great price. So you will end up below 40€ in the best case. Don't worry, you don't have to play the game in Turkish. You only have to buy the code and redeem it via VPN in the Turkish store. After that, you can download the game normally in your home store and play it in the desired language.

  • If you have problems redeeming, it is most likely due to your VPN provider, which may be blacklisted. There are many free providers with Turkish servers, some only as an app for Android. If you get stuck, you can ask us in Discord for tips.
  • Please note: The 10% voucher only works with our reflink*. If it is not accepted, you may have to delete your cookies or test another browser. The incognito mode will probably not work, because the cookie is required.
  • The price shown at the top right might not be the best one. Instead scroll down a bit and select a merchant with high ratings!

FIFA 23 Standard (Xbox One)

► FIFA 23 Standard (Xbox Series X|S)

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition (Xbox One & Series X|S)

Voucher code: XNFIFA23

* By purchasing via our reflink we will get a small commission from eneba. It's free of charge for you! Thank you very much.