Finally, Facebook decided to also close Xbox-Now

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fbisdeadRecently, one of our competitors was hit and as of today, the Facebook page of Xbox-Now is also no longer available. Facebook has invoked its "community rules" and closed the page for this reason. Why ever. There aren't many more details about it. I estimate the chance of a retraction to be very low. But honestly? Who uses Facebook anymore? No one. #FacebookIsDead
I'll wait and see what happens and if the situation doesn't change in a few weeks, I'll remove the links on XN to FB as well.

With that in mind, let's just not mourn the site. We still have our bot on Twitter, which automatically informs you about new games or new Game Pass / GWG games. Or our great community via Discord - where you are all welcome to join. There you can talk about this and that or even send requests for games to Gifters from all over the world.

I will also try to keep you guys posted on this page regarding changes on the page, new games or interesting stuff.