Gift cards for Mexico and Turkey and some more...

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I've added another new shop which is selling different cards, especiall for Turkey! You can find it here!
Also I have removed the NHL 18 Deal below. The price in Israel has been adjusted and the deal is now finally over. Sadly :(

SEAGM now also offers Singapore gift cards below face value! (you have to be logged in at seagm to see the discount) and has restocked cards for Hong Kong (close to face value)!

Our Partner SEAGM now offers gift cards for Mexico and Turkey! Mexican gift cards are a bit more expensive than the actual face value because of the recent exchange rate drop but if you really need mexican cards, this can be your help! For turkey you will get the actual face value which is very nice because almost every new game is usually cheaper in turkey. 


Besides that you can now check the recent price changes on the left which shows you any price drop or price increase for deals, offers and even regular adjustments. I have to test some things and there will be changes of course, but you should be able to see what actually has a very good price. Also new is a country picker at the gift card shop overview, which lets your filter the list. Some more new and cool features will be available soon. I will tell you more later.