Eleden Ring (Standard/Deluxe) with 10% off from Eneba starting at 29€

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elden ring

Currently you can buy Elden Ring with a 10% discount from our partner Eneba.

Eneba has extended our 10% coupon code (usually used for Brazil gift cards) to Elden Ring. This is valid for both the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition.

In both cases, it's the already very affordable version from Argentina. To redeem the key you probably don't need a VPN anymore, if you follow the instructions to redeem the key for Brazil.
Since I haven't redeemed a key from Argentina in a while, I can't verify it at the moment. I would be very grateful for any hints. If you have problems redeeming, you need a VPN with an Argentina server. If you have problems, please contact us in Discord! You can find the link in the menu on the left.

The prices for both editions vary from day to day and also depend on the demand. So it might be worthwhile to check the price several times a day.

The 10% coupon code is XBOXNOW10