New Feature and some Bugs fixed

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Just dropped a new update for the page. You can now find a new page called "Recent Price Changes" at the menu bar on the left. This is currently in Beta. I have to test some things and of course there will be some changes in the following days, too. Updates on this page are not so frequent at the moment. Will be changed. But it's always good to have an eye on that!

Also you can now - finally - search for your remaining balance for any country or exclude countries from your search. This filter will be expanded in the following days, too. I just did not have the time to do everything at once in one big update. This filter will also be used for DLCs in the future.

I have many other things coming, but as always, these are coming in small parts as my spare time to work on the page is limited.

Hope you guys enjoy it. If you experience any bugs, please report them to me using the contact form on the left. Thanks!

Btw: I am still looking for people who can help me translate the page to every language. If you would like to help, please contact me. The new features are currently only available in english and will be translated to the other languages (which this site supports atm) within the next days!