Brazil Gift Cards / Codes - How to still redeem from your Browser without VPN (Guide)

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UPDATE: Microsoft made some changes to the redeem process. Below guide is not up to date anymore. Join our Discord and type "!redeem" to get the newest working guide how to redeem cards for BRL and potentially others. Below guide will be updated asap.

As you probably already have noticed, Microsoft has now updated the Xbox Store web layout to a uniform level with the new Store App on console. This results in a few advantages, such as a much faster loading time or a much requested feature: a shopping cart.

However, there is also an important change regarding the redemption of gift cards. While this was previously still possible as a direct link in the buy dialog, this link has now unfortunately been removed. However, this is not a tragedy, as our community found another  simple option for you to continue redeeming your codes in the browser and often even without a VPN. For example, for Brazil, which is currently very popular.

Redeem your Gift Cards / Codes - Still easy from your Browser

Most of you will still be able to redeem the gift cards in the browser without any problems. VPN is usually not required for this. However, there can be exceptions. Sometimes even by aggressive antivirus programs :)
So just try it first without VPN and only if this fails, you can try it with VPN enabled or with the other options mentioned down below.

To continue redeeming credits in the browser, do the following:

  1. Besides the buy button, there are now a number of others. For example, the shopping cart. The second button with the gift card is the right one for you. Take this one.
    (If the gift button is not visible on your game, this is because of pre-order. Just redeem your code with any other game's gift button (use the link to MS Store Brazil!))

  2. A new window will open where you can enter your email address and your name. In the end, it doesn't matter what it says.

  3. Afterwards you will be asked how you want to pay for the key. On the right there is the possibility to change the payment method via "Alterar". You click on that.
    (If this would be your first purchase in Brazil, you are probably now asked for your address. Enter one from Brazil. Hint: McDonalds. To get a working CEP code, just use any generator available on Google. Then proceed with step 3)

  4. Now another window will open where you can click on the option "Resgatar um cartao-presente" - like redeem an existing gift code.

  5. In the next step you just enter the code and confirm the whole thing.

  6. Now the balance should have been credited. Check this yourself!
  7. IMPORTANT: Do not press buy now, otherwise you will buy a key for the game. So just close the dialog, press the buy button and pay with your previously redeemed balance.


That's it already. If you still have problems redeeming codes, you can try using VPN. If that doesn't work either, you should try the old beta app for Android, because there you could still redeem codes and change the region in the app itself. You must uninstall the regular Xbox App and any newer beta app also. It must be this v19 only, nothing next to it. Another option is to change your console region to Brazil, reboot and redeem the code. But you should not directly buy the game, as the download would start from the BR store. Instead, switch back your console region, go to your browser, buy the game in the Microsoft Store Brazil (e.g. through Xbox-Now) and your download will start from your home region. If that doesn't work either, you can ask our community in Discord.

On this occasion, Eneba has kindly extended the 10% voucher on Brazil gift cards. You can find all the info here!