Some nice offers from Brazil - Cheap Brazil Gift Cards [UPDATE: 2021/07/09]

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enebaUPDATE 2021/07/09:

Prices are still valid. And this is your chance to still get very cheap gift cards for Brazil. I am pretty sure the prices will increase as we come closer to winter time and all the nice games are coming out. Be sure to top up your accounts while you still can for this cheap prices. Remember what great games are on the way! Don't forget our 3% voucher code!

UPDATE 2021/05/28:

Prices are still valid. However they are very various over the day. If you spot a higher price, just come back a little bit later and check again.
Especially for games like Dying Light 2 it is worth getting BR gift cards at that price!

Some of you guys might already noticed that we integrated external game prices from Eneba. From now on you will get price information of their offered game keys directly within the game detail pages. To get a clue which country is necessary to redeem the code (because you probably often need a VPN for this country), it's indicated with a little country flag symbol after the price.

The integration is not yet 100% perfect but I think it works for now and I also will improve it over the next couple of days. If you absolutely don't want to see those information, you can disable them completely in your user account settings.

Eneba has also offered us a 3% voucher code which is compatible with all products in their store. (The code only works with our links)

In this case I also would like to point you to the current low priced gift cards for the Brazil store, which are available almost at face value. 

This way you can get the 'Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition' for just 47€ (300 BRL)

Using those two gift card options, you will be able to purchase almost every new game in BR because it's usually incremented by 50. Just get as many as you need.

One tip: Even if Eneba offers PayPal and so on, you usually would have to pay relatively high payment fees with any payment option. But there is one exception. If you first top up your Eneba account and then use this balance to pay for your stuff, it will be fee-less. And don't forget to use our 3% voucher code! Update: Ice informed me by mail that eneba has increased fees also on this payment option. Please do some math yourself to check which payment option is now best for you.