Purchase Xbox Games cheap from the Microsoft Store Iceland

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icelandProbably not known by many yet but still not uninteresting is the Microsoft Store Iceland. Just a few of you guys might already use this store but many of you still don't know it. It wasn't even listed on Xbox-Now until now. I was not aware of the good prices which this store has sometimes. But it seems it could be our new pearl.

Microsoft Store Iceland - Our New Pearl of Easiness 

The Microsoft Store Iceland sometimes offer real bargains for games and addons. Somewhere around Turkey and Brazil but there are no disadvantages or stress so far. It's usually much cheaper than the Euro-countries and you don't need to use a VPN. You can even just use your european credit card to purchase anything. Most of the people doesn't even get asked for a billing address. I am not sure yet when and how this is decided. Just try it.

From now on you will find Iceland as a new region on Xbox-Now in the pricing table per game. Just follow the link, click on buy and be happy. No VPN, no hassle with gift cards. Sure, this is not another Argentina, but sometimes the difference is not too big. Even saving 30% on a game without hassle can be worth it. And there are no disadvantages. I am not sure if this is also possible for non-europeans like US citizens, asians etc. But if you tried and it works, please drop me a short notice!

The only problem with Iceland is, that most of the AAA games are not available there. But instead many indie games are listed. Better than nothing.

You should try it out. It's worth it!
Need an example? Take Red Dead Redemption 2 which is currently on sale (until April 15th, 2021) and it's even cheaper than Argentina!

iceland example