Next Deal from Russia

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It seems Microsoft is just dropping the prices in russia for all it's self published games like Forza Motorsport 7 (from 30 USD!), ReCore (8 USD) and now for Super Lucky's Tale, which dropped huge to just 499 RUB now. If you combine this with super cheap gift cards from Russia from our Partner Nilt, you can get the game for just 7.50 USD compared to 29.99 USD usually. Super Lucky's Tale is also a Xbox One X Launch-Title and will be available on 11/07/2017. 

One more thing...

If you feel like the page should be localized in your language, which is not yet available, feel free to contact me through the contact form in the menu. I would like to see the page available in almost every language.
Also I am looking for hints about new gift card shops for many countries including Argentina, Turkey, Mexico, Singapore, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and some others. Short said: All the countries with nice prices! If you know some shops, please also contact me. Maybe I am missing any country which supports gift cards? Just tell me! Thank you!

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