Microsoft dramatically increases prices for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass in Argentina - Game prices could increase too!

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UPDATE: Ubisoft has begin to increase prices for it's games.

As Alecas told me today (thanks!), the subscription prices for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass in Argentina will increase significantly! The Gold subscription will be raised from 1699 ARS (~38$) to 2399 ARS (~54$) on 6th of June! The Game Pass subscription in Argentina also climbs from 2868 ARS (~64$) to 4788 ARS (~107$) also on June 6th. Microsoft explains these rapid price increases with changed market conditions, by which the weakening currency might be meant. This possibly does not concern most of you, however, I expect that also the game prices could be adjusted in the near future.


This has happened several times in the past and happens unannounced. Therefore, you may want to spend any Argentina balance / gift cards soon or use it elsewhere to avoid the price shock that will hit you later.

If you still have problems redeeming or spending gift cards (especially in Argentina and Turkey), it may help you to wait 72 hours before making a new attempt. The redemption usually only works via VPN (of the respective country) at the moment. If possible, the purchase with gift cards should also take place via VPN.