Turkish Lira crisis - Prices dropping again after the exchange rate increases to 6:1 USD

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Due to the current political situation in Turkey, the exchange rate of the Turkish currency is falling drastically again and is at a very low level of 6 Lira for one Dollar. Almost as bad as in September 2018, when one dollar was worth just under 7 lira. If you remember: Games or DLCs were really low priced in Turkey at that time. You could make huge bargains.

At the moment the prices are turning in a similar direction, although the prices of the games were raised by about 15% a few weeks ago.

So it's best to look at Xbox-Now to find out what you might be interested in and any game or DLC already reached that price. You can get gift cards almost at 1:1 face value. So you may have to be fast in the coming days before the currency stabilizes again.

You can buy Turkish gift cards (TRY) for the Microsoft Store at the 1:1 exchange rate from our partners Oyunfor and MTC!

TRY Gift Cards (MTCGame)

TRY Gift Cards (Oyunfor)

But you might want to be careful when bunkering Turkish gift cards/balance. You can currently redeem it usually (with VPN), but not necessarily spend it, because you are shown an error. Most times it helps to wait only 72h.