All Purchases Possible Again - Including Argentina And Turkey - No VPN Required - Hurry!

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UPDATE: Seems already over and not working anymore!

Probably by mistake Microsoft has unlocked cross-region purchases in every country using your credit card (like Revolut) without the need to use a VPN! Also other cards will work. You should also NOT use a VPN, because this will lead into the same errors all of you know. You just have to purchase the game in your browser and it should work. Directly on the Xbox is reported not working, the Smartphone app might not work, too. However, if you're not lucky from your browser, give the app a try.

Hurry and get everything you're still missing. I bet this won't last for a long time. Get all the new pre-order games as long as it's possible. Usually pre-orders go through even if the method would not work for a long time. That's how it was before.

If you're one of the lucky ones, report in the comments. Just interesting to read when it was working and when not.

Btw: You are also able to purchase gift cards directly from Microsoft - in case you'd like to stock up your balance and use it later!

IMPORTANT: If you tried to purchase a game from Argentina or Turkey within the last days and if the usual error was shown, your account is blacklisted for some days, which means you can not use this method. But you can just easily create a new account to purchase games then. If you haven't tried within the last two weeks, you should have no problems!