Xbox Spring Sale 2019 - Big Easter Sale with Deals up to 85% off!

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The offers are still being updated, so the list is not yet complete!

As in previous years, Microsoft started it's annual Spring Sale with tons of deals. The Xbox Spring Sale runs from April 12th to 22th and offers nearly 600 Xbox games and add-ons at a reduced price. Some games have a discount of up to 85%. There are also many new blockbusters included like The Division 2, Metro: Exodus, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and many more.

All Offers Overview (Table)

All Offers In A Detailed View (Covers + Description etc.)


Besides that you can also save on GAME PASS and Xbox Live Gold.

3 Months Xbox GAME PASS for just 1$ (only new members)

1 Month Xbox Live Gold for just 1$ (only new members)

You can make some good deals in the US Store, because G2A sells gift cards below face value. I.e. you usually get 20% discount on the US Cards and thus also good prices for games. There also no real problems redeeming cards for the US Store. Simple, fast and uncomplicated compared to Argentina or Turkey.

US Gift Cards on G2A


Options to purchase:

The purchase with credit card seems no longer possible. After the Revolut method has been closed, there is no option left to purchase abroad with a credit card via VPN. The only options are still the purchase with gift cards, whereby Turkey and Argentina are also somewhat special here. Anyone who tries to do so in these two countries must use a VPN to redeem the cards as well as when purchasing. However, it is still not guaranteed that it works for you. There might be an error message that you should ask the support. In this case it might help to wait 72h before making a new attempt. The last option is the purchase with PayPal in a few countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and probably some other countries in Asia. For this purpose you should prefer to create a new PayPal account for the respective country and also use a VPN.

You can still get games from Argentina from Oleg. He can gift you the game. The price can be negotiated with him directly. Contact him by mail: