Nationwide price increases in Turkey and price adjustments in Argentina

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Some of you may have noticed that a major price update for almost all games and DLCs is taking place in Turkey today. This is due to currency fluctuations in Turkey and the associated uncertain exchange rate developments. That's why Microsoft has increased almost everything by about 18-25%. Too bad for us!

Furthermore, various games in Argentina have been massively adjusted in price. Partly the price was more than doubled. Spontaneously this was noticed of course with Borderlands 3, which was still available yesterday in all editions for around 50$ (as presumed probably a price error). Today the prices were adjusted and the biggest "Super Deluxe Edition" was just doubled in price. Other games include Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Very likely also other games that I can't name here right now. You will notice it ;)

If you have still gift card balance or unredeemed gift card codes left, you should (in my opinion) hurry and invest everything in games by now. If everything gets more expensive in general, you can still catch the last deals with it. Keeping balance doesn't seem to be a good option anymore.