How to solve the problems when redeeming gift cards from Turkey and Argentina.

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It seems Microsoft enabled some kind of new protection for redeeming gift cards in Turkey and Argentina. Many users get an error message that it is not possible to redeem the cards at the moment or something similar. But there is a working solution to bypass this check.

Try the following steps which should work:

1. Pick the desired game from Xbox-Now and follow the link to the Microsoft Store. (It will be very nice if you would use the Xbox-Now link that I can get a small commission!)
2. Use a VPN of the specific country (Turkey / Argentina) after you logged in without (like NordVPN, ibVPN, etc.)
3. Press the buy button (since you're already logged in, you won't need to share credentials with the VPN operator)
4. The small purchase popup will offer you various payment options and there is a small link at the bottom to redeem a gift card (see screenshot in the help section in the menu) ( won't work anymore!)
5. Now enter the gift card code and the purchase should go through! If your balance was not enough, you will be asked how to pay the rest. If you have more cards, you can do the same process over and over again.

Now everything should work.

Have fun!