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Today I can present you a new partner for gift cards. Oyunfor from Turkey can supply you with as many Turkish gift cards as you want, because they are an official reseller of Microsoft for Turkey and offer their cards at a 1:1 face value rate (because they have to). The only fees you may have to pay come from the respective payment service provider or payment method. PayPal, Skrill and Co. are supported via G2A Pay, which adds a certain fee. Otherwise you can pay by credit card.

Cards are offered in 25, 50 and 100 TRY. The website is currently only available in Turkish, but will be completely redesigned in March and will also support English. Until then you can use Chrome for translation.

We don't get to enjoy free purchases in Argentina yet, but the prices in Turkey are usually also very good. Usually you should always be lower than what you would have to pay in your home market.

► Buy Turkish Gift Cards (25, 50, 100 TRY) from Oyunfor

Your turkish gift cards can directly be spent on this price error from Apex Legends Coins. Apex Legends is a Free2Play battle royale shooter which was released yesterday and comes from the creators of Titanfall.
(Price ErrorApex Legends 2150 Coins - 4.09$ (Turkey) instead of 19.99$ in the US.

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