Argentina/Turkey Buy Agent Service

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UPDATE: Oleg is still able to purchase stuff for you!

Our user Xbox Gates (Oleg) from the Ukraine has already offered his services to us several times in the past. He is able to buy games for you from various countries (including Argentina and Turkey) and gift you the games, so that you don't have to bother with gift cards or other stuff. This only works because there is no marketplace in the Ukraine and he therefore has a free choice. Since you need a ukrainian credit card, you can't do it yourself. The advantage over Argentinians, by the way, is that he doesn't have to pay taxes. If somebody from Argentina wants to gift something, they have to pay additional 21% tax ontop. And if you're still good at negotiating, you might be able to push the fee a little lower. 

Of course, it must be worth it for him too, otherwise he wouldn't do it. That's why he charges a fee per game purchase, which comes on top. However, this fee is not fixed, so that you can always negotiate it yourself in the best case. This is not very transparent and difficult to calculate in advance, but Oleg told me that he always tries to calculate the fee so low that the game would still be cheaper than in the next possible country, where you could buy it yourself with gift cards. It's supposed to make sense to you.


A game in Argentina costs the equivalent of 10$ and you could alternatively buy it in Turkey for 20$. Then he would calculate his fee that low, that you have to pay him less than 20$. In fact it is not the lowest Arg price anymore, but still your supposedly cheapest option. And if you are also good at negotiating, you can possibly lower the fee a little bit.

So that I don't spread anything like scam here, I tried the whole thing myself and requested a game of my choice, what he was supposed to buy for me in Argentina. There were no problems and it was very fast and reliable.

But there is still one small catch: Since Oleg cannot use PayPal to receive payments in the Ukraine, you have to pay by Paysend, credit card, bank card or IBAN transfer. He may also use other services such as Skrill or something similar, which are very popular in the region. If you feel like you would be able to help him with PayPal, he won't charge you any fees for any purchase in the future.

Important: To redeem gifted keys you need a VPN! These codes cannot be redeemed without them! Also, you can't gift pre-order games, so you always have to wait for the release.

You can contact him by mail and negotiate everything yourself: Mail: / Skype: xboxsalesx

Like it or hate it ;)