Price calculation for Argentina has changed - Turkey is increasing prices

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Hi there!

As some of you may have noticed, it is usually not possible to buy from Argentina anymore, except you are a local. Locals can of course help you getting gift cards or gift game keys, but they have to pay 21% taxes onto the shown price since some months now. As the shown price on this MS store does not reflect the real situation and makes comparisons very hard, I've decided to change the price to an all-inclusive price, meaning the shown price here includes the 21% already. This does only apply for the calculated price and not for the "origin price with origin currency".

Sometime soon I will try to add a transparency marker like (+21%) after the shown price, to make it more clear to everyone.

Another interesting fact is that publishers increased prices for AAA-Games from Turkey by up to 100%. Sometimes even more! Since some weeks Microsoft blocked purchases on the turkish store and has deactivated the API to validate/verify/generate new gift card keys, which you were able to purchase from retailers before. Now, as the system is back online and purchases are enabled again, prices are very expensive. Almost every current or upcoming Blockbuster-Game from Turkey is much more expensive than the US or european price. And that's expensive!

Maybe you can grab some bargains still, but you need to hurry. Other games will follow and prices will increase even for smaller games.