MTCGame has new turkish gift cards in stock - They can be used also! And RDR2 for just 48$!

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Great news! MTCGame is just selling turkish gift cards again! They got stock and you are able to use it to buy games from the turkish store. Floxer has just tested this on his own, redeemed and purchased a game and can confirm it works.

Even if the cards are a bit more expensive than the face value, the price should still be much lower compared to the next possible country. So you're definately save some money.

Get turkish gift cards from MTCGame here

Have fun making some bargains!

UPDATE: The offer has expired. The price raised.

Another big/great news is that they currently offer Red Dead Redemption 2 for just 47.99 USD! You need to purchase the "US" Version of the game from MTCGame and you will receive a code on friday, once it is released. But remember: You won't get any preorder DLC. In case you are okay with that, it's a great deal!

Red Dead Redemption 2 (47.99$) (Digital Key)