Extend your Gold Subscription for 25.50$ per year (VPN required!)

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Currently you have the possibility to extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription for only 25.50$ per year. cdkeys offers codes from Brazil for this price! However, you need a Brazilian VPN server or a Brazilian IP to redeem them. There are no other technical restrictions. You can even extend your existing subscription (no matter from which country) with it. Only important note: You can extend gold for a maximum of three years into the future. I just found that out myself while trying it out :) Means: You can't buy gold for 10 years now. If the expiration date "would" (!) exceed three years due to the renewal, the renewal will be rejected.

Example: Your subscription runs until 15th Oct. 2020 and you want to add another year, the redemption process will be rejected. In this case you could redeem the code as of 16th Oct. 2018. You are only allowed to have subscription running for three years in maximum in the future.

cdkeys also offers a 3% voucher, which you can generate via the link below (But only on your computer. The generator doesn't load via Facebook on your smartphone).

To redeem, simply use your computer browser. On Xbox-Now simply call up the details/prices at any game and take the link to the BR Store there. Then you click on your name in the upper right corner, select "Minha conta Microsoft", then "Gerenciar" in the blue header and then "Resgatar um código ou cartão-presente" to enter the code. Close before the confirmation you will be asked for an automatic extension. Then there is another month for free. But it's better to deselect the extension and always do it manually, because it's definitely cheaper.

12M XBL Gold for 25.50$ per year

Generate 3% Voucher (Only available on your computer, not on your smartphone)

I have used the Brazil server from NordVPN to redeem. Other VPN providers might also have BR servers in it. NordVPN has a 3-day free trial!