First Publisher Draws Consequences - Prices In Turkey Drastically Increased!

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A few weeks ago the API to activate a gift cards in turkish eletronic stores was deactivated, that no new cards find it's way to the public and thus nobody is able to benefit from the extremly low prices from outside of Turkey. Besides that the first publisher has now taken further consequences.

Thus the prices of some games of Activision Blizzard were raised by almost 100%, in order to compensate the current market situation, and/or the strong currency devaluation in Turkey. A huge disadvantage for turkish people, who now have extremly expensive prices for digital copies of games. Probably this will stop everyone to buy digital games. Instead one will purchase physically copies, which should not find it's way outside of Turkey usually.

In the recent price change overview one can clearly see that the upcoming Activision Blizzard games were increased by up to 100%. Usually at 470.50 TRY, which almost corresponds to the US price of 59.99$ plus excluding tax.

EA has already did the same in recent months with its games in Turkey and Argentina. Some game prices were already increased in June by about 70%, because of almost the similar situation in Argentina. Probably more publishers will follow soon and the prices in Argentina and Turkey are no longer very attractive. At least until the economic situation in both countries has recovered and the exchange rates rise again.

If anyone asks why not all the games in the store are becoming more expensive: The prices are not set by Microsoft, but by each publisher and for each country individually. Microsoft will certainly make proposals here, set upper limits and stuff like that. But in the end the price policy will be determined by each publisher himself.