Microsoft is banning Accounts for 14 days - Clarification

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At this point you have found information about how to shop in other regions in the store. Since the method is similar to a brute force attack, Microsoft found it less good. Yesterday evening they started banning accounts temporarily for 14 days or at least subjecting them to a verification where you first had to reactivate your account yourself by sending an SMS. It could also have been that it was caused by a hack. Who knows how this was expressed internally at Microsoft.

Since I had published this ominous tutorial here, I may even have been the first to be directly affected. I had a permanent account ban last night. However, I was able to discuss the problems with the Enforcement-Team and clarify the issue. We agreed that I'd remove the tutorial here and thus virtually end the indirect DDoS attack (that's how it will have looked at Microsoft). In return the permanent ban was removed again. (If someone from Microsoft or the Enforcement-Team is reading this: Thank you very much! It was no bad intention!)

Therefore I ask you, especially to avoid a temporary or permanent lock, not to use this questionable method any longer to shop in other stores. Just use this page as you did a few days ago to inform you and so on.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! Next time the Xbox Store has some problems, we'll just ignore them. It will work correctly again sometime. Put the crowbar aside from now on ;)