Problems on buying games from the Xbox Live Store - MS is working on it

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+++ UPDATE #2 +++

It seems Microsoft has not yet recovered the system completely and you still will get problems when buying games (no matter from which store region). said this problems could be caused by shut down servers from the Azure cloud due to overheating?! But that's just a guess. Positive news for us is: This is potentially no try to keep us out trying to buy games from other stores, but instead everyone can get these problems, no matter where you live and which store region you tried. Hopefully very soon everything is back online and working again and all our pre-orders and purchases are successful.

+++ UPDATE +++

It seems that some people were successful in Turkey by just trying again and again if the usual message with "Unable to process payment... " or something like this. Some people needed about 30 tries until the payment was successful. But it seems Argentina is not that easy and won't work this way. But beware: The risk of getting your card blocked this way may be there!

Also some people reported it could be a DDoS against Microsoft, which could cause these problems. Who knows?

Some of you guys may already have noticed problems/trouble when buying games from foreign stores or even from your origin region?! It seems Microsoft has currently some problems performing the payment transactions. Many people reported problems within the last 24 hours. So if you try to buy something, don't give up. But don't try too often. Better keep calm and wait for the next day. Too many tries can result in a temporary blocked credit card. The problems should be sorted out in some hours. I will update this post once I get enough confirmations, everything works fine again.