ibVPN vs. NordVPN - Time for a change? Why you should always use a VPN!

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Until now I has always linked ibVPN here when it comes to a VPN service for buying games in other countries. But I've decided to move on to another service. From now on you will find here especially NordVPN as a recommendation. Why is that so?

Don't get me wrong, ibVPN with its Ultimate offer is not bad and I have ordered many games in several countries with it myself. But the problem, which is now emerging and is getting worse and worse, is that the servers of interest to us, e.g. in Argentina or Turkey, are reaching their load limits. Problematic is exactly the biggest advantage of ibVPN. There is a trial access! This is nice for people who do not want to own a service for a long time or probably only buy a game once via VPN, so they do not want to pay for a VPN service. But I cannot imagine the latter in particular. Who has bought once abroad will do this again and again.

The load of the servers for e.g. Argentina or Turkey is always indicated low with ibVPN. That may be true. Calculated on bandwidth. But with as many connections as with all the Xbox game buyers from all over the world, the servers are becoming more and more unusable. You won't believe how many people register there for a trial account! (I asked)

I would therefore like to recommend NordVPN to you. I recently took a closer look at the service and tried it out myself. A buddy of mine wanted me to buy him about ten mini-games in Argentina. With ibVPN this was a pain, because I was often not connected to the XBL marketplace at all. NordVPN does not win any speed records for these servers either, but in the end they are still significantly faster than with ibVPN. Exception: You use ibVPN when Europe and Asia go to sleep ;) (The Americans are not so interested in buying abroad)


NordVPN has a nice offer: 99 US$ for 3 years VPN (2,75 US$ per month).


(The offer still lasts for 8 days) There is (which is good) also no differentiation of variants, where customers with better variants are preferred etc. Besides, the service is not so overcrowded because it costs something and allows six parallel connections. The offer is therefore perfect for small groups of people who are joining forces. You are welcome to meet us on the Discord Channel and join forces (this has worked well so far).

Since NordVPN offers a 30 day money-back guarantee, you can test it for a few days without any risk and then decide to cancel it ;)

What else can you use a VPN for?

Everyone should think about getting a VPN service, so that your tracks on the Internet are at least not so easy to track. But it can also have completely different, practical reasons. Get e.g. Netflix for 2-3€ in Turkey or watch content limited to regional markets, get Spotify for 2€ from the Phillippines. Maybe even the family package for 5€. There are many possibilities... But first and foremost, the safety aspect should have priority. 

The advantages of NordVPN:

- Access to 4,883 servers worldwide
- No logs
- Unlimited speed
- Connect up to 6 devices simultaneously
- 30 day money back guarantee
- Headquarters in Panama
- Crypto payments possible
- P2P allowed
- many more