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On the occasion of the gamescom in Cologne a new gamescom Sale was launched. Like every Tuesday, it will be accompanied by Deals with Gold. This week there will also be an EA Publisher Sale and a Spotlight Sale. Phew. The only important thing is that we currently have over 300 offers. So take a closer look at the list!

► All Offers Overview

To celebrate gamescom, there are also new offers for Game Pass Ultimate and PC!

► 2 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just 2€ (2$?)

► 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass for PC for just 4€ (4$?)

We haven't heard from Sam Fischer or Splinter Cell for a long time now. The last part of the series has been released back in 2013 but some weeks ago Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot announced that they have big plans for the series and that Splinter Cell should return to the stage with a big bang. This moment seems to be very soon.

As our source confirmed, a new Splinter Cell game will be announced and presented next week at gamescom (August 20 - 24, 2019) in Germany. A release could therefore already be planned for the coming fiscal year (April 2020 - March 2021). It seems very likely it is set for release later next year, somewhere around October. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this for years.

It seems also very possible that the game is part of the release lineup of the next console generation, which will also be released around Christmas 2020. Besides that, you can expect a release for the current gen consoles. I am quite sure Ubisoft will do it's best to satisfy every fan!

Microsoft just announced a limited Gears 5 Xbox One X console and some Xbox bundles. No question, the Limited Edition Gears 5 Xbox One X console is real eye-candy! It also costs as much as the Gears 5 bundle with a normal black Xbox One X! The limited Gears 5 console also includes a download code for the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition and you also get a specially painted controller in Gears 5 design!

The limited Gears 5 console is estimated to sell out relatively quickly, so don't hesitate if you're interested!


Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle - 499$

Xbox One X Gears 5 Bundle - 499$

Xbox One S 1TB Gears 5 Bundle - 299$


Our friends from MTCGame sell game keys at really good prices. Since several years there are also many satisfied customers among the Xbox-Now users. For this reason I would like to draw your attention again to some good offers, which you can get at MTC usually even a little cheaper than you could buy them in the Microsoft Store. Here is a selection, which I personally find relatively interesting...

To redeem the keys from other regions than yours you need a VPN. It doesn't matter if you buy the US version or the VPN version. When you are not located in the U.S., you'll need the VPN anyway. The "VPN key variant" is usually a US key at MTC.

Of course there is almost any other game sold by MTCGame. Whether FIFA 20, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, The Outer Worlds, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, The Surge 2, Control, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, or others. Just have a look around. You're sure to find something. A comparison with the prices on Xbox-Now always makes sense, because the price is not always unbeatable.

Here you can browse through the game key database of MTCGame: MTCGame Key Database

For those of you who purchased gift cards for Argentina or Turkey or probably also others in the past days and who has problems when redeeming the cards, here's a hint how it could work:

If you install the Xbox App on your smartphone and change the country setting inside to your preferred one (for which the gift cards are meant for) you should be able to redeem the cards with active VPN. Many people came to me asking for the same problem. All of them were able to redeem and spend the cards with active VPN.

As VPN you can use e.g. ibVPN or NordVPN, which each offer trials. Via the Smartphone app of the service providers you can establish the VPN connection.

I have updated the help page accordingly.

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