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How to buy

Important to know before buying:

  • It is not possible to directly buy a game in another country by credit card or PayPal. This only works in your own region! You have to buy gift cards and pay the game with them.
  • However you are able to buy and pay gift cards by PayPal from the Microsoft Store. You can see all supported payment instruments on the gift card overview page.
  • At the moment it is not possible to buy games from Argentina or India, because both do not offer gift cards. You need to own a credit card from these countries to shop there.
  • Gift cards are only available for the following countries:
    Euro-Countries, USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.
    We have linked different stores here: Gift Card Overview

Process of buying:

  1. Chose a game on Xbox-Now and then a country which offers gift cards. Keep the original price in mind.
    In this case it would be 129.00 mexican Peso.


    WARNING: In some countries like the U.S., Canada or Colombia all prices are without tax. Addtitional tax depends on state or region.
    To get a hint which countries are affected, point the mouse over the country. There will be a tooltip showing if tax are incl. or excl. Perhaps you can find information about which state is suitable and cheap to use. Like this test case you should chose a billing address from one of these hinted states.


  2. In our test case we will buy a gift card from the mexican Microsoft Store. There are different values and you should always try to closely hit the target value. But keep in mind to add a little bit more for countries with excluded tax that you don't have less credit than needed later.

    (The image is made by Kim YuJeong. Thank you!)

  3. For our test case we've chosen a game for 129.00 mexican Peso. So we need a MXN 200$ card. The remaining value can be used for later payments.

    (The image is made by Kim YuJeong. Thank you!)

    (The image is made by Kim YuJeong. Thank you!)

  4. We now chose to pay with PayPal and have to enter a billing address. It MUST be an address from the target country. In this case Mexico. Imagine you are visiting your embassy in Mexico, you are on holiday (located in a Hotel), or any McDonalds store. Ask Google and just keep your own name. When entering the phone number, leave every symbol or area code away. Like you would enter your local phone number here.

    (The image is made by Kim YuJeong. Thank you!)

  5. After that the payment is processing. In individual cases this can take a few hours to complete. Please keep calm if the code is not visible instantly. Usually the code will be displayed instantly and sent by mail, too.

    (The image is made by Kim YuJeong. Thank you!)

  6. To redeem the code you have different options!

    1. From the Browser at Login with your account. Change the country in the lower left corner to the target region. In this case "Mexico".
      After that chose "redeem code" (may be another language) or click here to enter the code. It should show an error that the code is only suitable for the target region. But just one line below is a link, to change the target region. (This only happens once and does not affect your account region!). Now the code should get redeemed successfully. If not, you should first add a new payment method for this country, even if you can't use it directly. Click here to add one. This adds an account for the specified country, which has to be done later anyway by adding a billing address. This "account creation" ensures that you are able to redeem the code for the needed country.

    2. Start your console, navigate to Settings -> System -> Language & Region and chose the target country. The language doesn't matter. Important is just the coutry. In this case it's "Mexico". Restart your console. After it is back on, go to the Store-Tab and redeem your code. It is very likely that you will have to use a VPN with this method! You can get more info on google.

    3. Change the region of your Windows 10 Computer by pressing the WIN key and enter "region". In the second tab you can change your country. Start the Windows Store-App and in the right upper corner you will find a "person"-symbol with the option to redeem your code. The Store-App should display some stuff in the target countries language. Then you know you are correct. It is very likely that you will have to use a VPN with this method! You can get more info on google.

  7. Now begins the buying process itself. Click on "buy" on the price comparision website for your game on Xbox-Now, to get forwarded to the Microsoft Store of the target country. The page should be displayed in the target countries language. All you have to do is to click the blue "buy" button.

    A dialog to chose the payment instrument will be opened. Your redeemed gift card balance should be available. If not, try to login again or reload the page with CTRL+F5. Select the gift card balance and proceed.

    WARNING: If you bought the gift card somewhere else than at Microsoft-Store, you possibly have to enter the billing address now! Please refer to point 4) where you can see what to do!

    (The image is made by Kim YuJeong. Thank you!)

    (The image is made by Kim YuJeong. Thank you!)

Have fun saving money!

Xbox-Now (2016-12-21)


Is it (still) possible to pay with credit card?

Usually this is not possible anymore. There are exclusions like Hungary. But better not try to pay with CC. Your card can be blocked for failure tries.

Am I able to use PayPal?

Maybe. Some countries offer PayPal payments but this is no guarantee for a successful payment. You should use gift cards instead.

Is it possible to pay by gift card in every country?

No! Gift cards are not available everywhere. You can see if a country supports gift cards when you point your mouse over the country name. There will be a tooltip showing some information.

Is it possible to use my gift cards everywhere?

No! Each country has their own gift cards. You cannot use them across borders. I.e. russian cards do only work in Russia.

Do I need to use a VPN when buying gift cards? (Because of i.e. Microsoft-Store)

No. It is never neccessary to use a VPN when buying just gift cards. Even at Microsoft Store it is poossible without limitations.

Do I need to use a VPN when buying a game with gift cards?

No. When paying by gift cards you don't need a VPN.

Is it possible to buy EA Access with gift cards?

No. This is only possible by credit card. Same limitations when buying a game with credit card. Some countries may work directly by credit card. Hungary is one of those.

Where to get cheap gift cards?

We have a gift card overview available here:

Do I have to create a new account when shopping cross-border or do I have to migrate the region?

No. This is not neccessary. You can use your account for any other region without the need to do anything. However, you are of course able to create a new one also.

If I buy from russia etc. Is the game playable in my language?

Yes! The license and the download are independent. This means you can buy the game i.e. in Russia and then chose the country where you want to download the game. If you i.e. live in South Korea, you will be able to download it there to be able to play in your language.

When am I able to play my pre-ordered games?

This depends on the time zone of the country where you bought the game. Everything else does not matter!
Example: You buy a game with release day 2016-09-27 in Hong Kong. Each game will be available at 00:01 am of the release day in each country. Because Hong Kong is UTC+8 you will be able to play on 2016-09-26 06:01 pm in i.e. Germany which has UTC+2 then.

Do I have to change my console country if I want to play early?

If you bought a game in Hong Kong like the above example and would be able to play early because your time zone is below UTC+8 (i.e.) you don't have to change anything. Just start the game.

Do I have to enter a new address for each country?

Yes. It is always neccessary to enter a specific billing address for each country you shop from.

How about tax in other countries?

Some countries do have additional tax like U.S. etc. However, most countries use VAT (value added tax) which are already included in the shown price. Just point your mouse over the country name to see a tooltip with more information on each country.

Am I able to cancel pre-ordered games?

Yes. Just contact the Microsoft Support of the country where you bought it via Chat. Usually there a no stupid questions about the foreign region purchase. Otherwise just reconnect and talk to another person until anyone is able to help you.
The URL is as follows. Important is to change the region to your target region.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • You can share your digital games with one friend.
  • You don't have to change the disc in tray.
  • You can log in on any console and play your games. No missing discs.
  • You can save much money when buying from foreign regions.


  • Potentially there is a risk of getting a ban. But nobody was banned yet.
  • You cannot resell your digital games.

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